a cairo-based Game Of Life
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2022-01-04 01:53add ascii drawing backendaabacchus2+36-2
2022-01-04 01:52use getoptaabacchus1+27-7
2021-09-28 11:46tidy up #includesaabacchus5+8-8
2021-09-28 11:35add option to run until staticaabacchus2+21-1
2021-09-28 11:19make the board wrap around like a torusaabacchus1+8-14
2021-09-28 10:59__TEST_VERBOSEaabacchus2+4-2
2021-09-28 10:58add some command line optionsaabacchus3+71-18
2021-09-27 22:06add default config.mkaabacchus2+3-1
2021-09-27 22:03_XOPEN_SOURCE; check for pkg-configaabacchus2+8-2
2021-09-27 06:02manpages and videosaabacchus4+98-1
2021-09-27 04:53more portable Makefile, configure scriptaabacchus3+33-10
2021-09-27 04:52add rules, __TEST casesaabacchus3+174-5
2021-09-27 01:42add LICENCEaabacchus2+28-0
2021-09-27 01:40start project properaabacchus5+107-7
2021-09-27 00:40initial commit: write blocks of colour to a PNGaabacchus2+78-0