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diff --git a/wiki/FAQ/ b/wiki/FAQ/ @@ -0,0 +1,64 @@ +# Frequently Asked Questions + +Many people who install KISS come across similar problems and misunderstandings +in the process. Almost all of these have solutions documented somewhere in the +KISS documentation, but it can be spread out, hard to find, and easy to miss. +Therefore, this page collects solutions to some of the most common problems. + +**This is not a substitute for a thorough reading of the +[install guide]( and the appropriate +[wiki]( page.** + +This page does not answer questions about the philosophy of KISS, or why KISS +is designed in any certain way. For those questions, refer to <>. + +## [%[000]] General tips for identifying build errors + +If you use parallel make (`make -jN`), the actual error probably isn't at the +bottom of the log. You'll need to look back through it, and find the first +occurence of "Waiting for unfinished jobs....". + +Try to find the particular command which failed (make gives you a file and line +number), and see if you can reproduce the error by running that command by itself. + +Often you might be missing a hidden dependency. Look for errors like "not found" +or "no such file or directory". + +Make sure your CFLAGS are like `-O2` not `-02` (letter O not number 0). + +Search online for the error message. Look through [issues in the community +repo](, +in case someone's encountered it before. + +If you need more help, the best place is IRC. Upload a *full* log to a pastebin. + +Once you've found the solution, make a note of it so that others can learn. You +could contribute it to this page. + +## [%[010]] My kernel doesn't build! + +### [%[011]] Busybox diff given unrecognized options +These are not causing the build to fail; they are only warnings. +### [%[012]] Errors about `__always_inline`, versions 5.12-5.18 +Kernels with minor version 5.12-5.18 require the following patch to add an include: + + $ sed -i '/<stdlib.h>/a #include <linux/stddef.h>' tools/objtool/arch/x86/decode.c + +### [%[013]] `env: can't execute 'bash': No such file or directory`, version 5.19 +Kernels with minor version 5.19 currently require bash to be built. There is a +patch by [$/ioraff]( available +[here]( to remove this dependency. + + +## [%[020]] Kernel config/boot problems + +### [%[021]] Filesystem drivers +Make sure you've enabled drivers for at least your boot and root filesystems. + +### [%[022]] Including firmware +Choose some location, such as `/usr/lib/firmware` and install the firmware you need into it. +This alone isn't enough; you need to tell the kernel the directory where to find firmware, and +the filenames relative to this directory for everything you want to use. +See [kernel/firmware](/kernel/firmware/) for details. + +Firmware problems are most easily diagnosed by looking through `dmesg`.