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FAQ: more Qs

Including some more text from the old FAQ.

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diff --git a/wiki/FAQ/ b/wiki/FAQ/ @@ -53,8 +53,18 @@ Kernels 6.1 and later have had the patch merged into them already. ## [%[020]] Kernel config/boot problems -### [%[021]] Filesystem drivers -Make sure you've enabled drivers for at least your boot and root filesystems. +The kernel not booting can be a variety of issues. This is almost always +related to a configuration issue in the kernel or the bootloader. + +KISS doesn't use an initramfs by default so the configuration of the kernel +may have different requirements from other distributions. + +### [%[021]] Essential drivers +Make sure you've enabled drivers for at least your boot and root filesystems, +disk controller, and drives. They should be set to `=y` in your .config or `[*]` +when using make menuconfig. Essentially, every driver the kernel requires to +detect and mount the drive containing the root filesystem, must be built as a +part of the kernel binary (rather than as modules). ### [%[022]] Including firmware Choose some location, such as `/usr/lib/firmware` and install the firmware you need into it. @@ -63,3 +73,30 @@ the filenames relative to this directory for everything you want to use. See [kernel/firmware](/kernel/firmware/) for details. Firmware problems are most easily diagnosed by looking through `dmesg`. + +### [%[023]] initramfs +KISS technically supports booting via an initramfs, it just doesn't require +or provide one. As a user you have the means to set this up yourself for +your system. A simple one is [tinyramfs]( + +Full disk encryption is also possible without the use of an initramfs in +modern kernels (see `dm-mod.create`). + +## [%[100]] Software + +### [%[110]] Is *SOFTWARE* packaged? + +To quickly check through all the KISS repositories which exist, you can use the +`kiss-find` tool: + + $ kiss find music + gnome-music 42.1 1 gnome/gnome-music main "Mae Dartmann" + 5.0.5 1 apps/ master "Eudald Gubert i Roldan" + texlive-music 2022.62533 1 texlive/texlive-music master "Ethan" + zmusic 1.1.8 1 equipment/zmusic master "Claudia" + +kiss-find is packaged in the community repo, or available [here]( + +### [%[120]] Can you package *SOFTWARE* for me? + +Do it yourself!