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diff --git a/wiki/kiss/index.txt b/wiki/kiss/index.txt @@ -1,4 +1,5 @@ KISS ________________________________________________________________________________ +- @/install - @/style-guide diff --git a/wiki/kiss/install/ b/wiki/kiss/install/ @@ -0,0 +1,72 @@ +KISS Linux Community Installation Guide +======================================= + +Since Dylan is currently on a hiatus, the KISS community is maintaining a set +of repos and a fork of the package manager. We have made enough minor changes +to the system that some differences to the install process should be noted. +Dylan's page (<>) is still the canonical +reference. This page lists the differences to the official guide. + +If you run into any problems, please join us in IRC (`#kisslinux` in and ask. + +- - - + +## [%[001]] Tarball + +(Official guide steps 001-005) + +You should start with the updated rootfs tarball from the +[latest release]( which is +currently +[22.11.15]( +Make sure you extract it *as root*. The tarball is not signed so step 004 +doesn't apply. You should still verify the checksums though. + +**NOTE** that the current release has a bug in the tarball; there are details +on the release page for the simple fix. + +## [%[002]] Repos + +(Official guide steps 007-009) + +The core repos should be cloned from <>. +For example, you might want to do something like this: + + $ mkdir ~/repos + $ cd ~/repos + $ git clone + $ export KISS_PATH="$HOME/repos/repo/core:$HOME/repos/repo/extra:$KISS_PATH" + +You can put the repos wherever you like; `~/repos` is just an example. +Note that you should set `KISS_PATH` in your `.profile` so that it is set every +time you log in, rather than having to run the last line every time. + +To make sure that kiss can find these packages, you can run + $ kiss s \* +(`*` needs to be escaped so that it isn't used as a glob for all the files in +your current working directory). The command should output every package found +in `$KISS_PATH` as well as all installed packages (listed in `/var/db/kiss/installed`). +Check that the paths like `~/repos/repo/core/...` show up. + +We also maintain a community repo with many more packages than are found in +repo. You will probably want to use this; it can be found at +<> and enabled similarly to above. + +## [%[003]] Commit signing + +(Official guide steps 010-013) + +`gnupg1` used to be used for signature verification but now commits are signed +with ssh (only for `repo`). To enable verification, run: + + $ cd /path/to/repo + $ git config gpg.ssh.allowedSignersFile .allowed_signers + $ git config merge.verifySignatures true + +## [%[004]] Kernel + +(Official guide step 018) + +There are a number of patches which may need to be applied to the kernel +depending on your version. Check the [FAQ page](/FAQ/#010) for details.