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diff --git a/wiki/Archive/Blog/20200217a/index.txt b/wiki/Archive/Blog/20200217a/index.txt @@ -0,0 +1,251 @@ +Subject This week in KISS (#11) +From Dylan Araps &lt;; +Date Mon, 17 Feb 2020 14:07:09 +0100 + + +Website redesign #1023 is complete. + +With this new design, all pages are now written as plain .txt +files. Each page can easily be downloaded and viewed locally in +a text-editor, pager or terminal based browser. + + + +There may still be some bugs. There's always bugs. Let me know. +The Wiki pages and old blog/news pages need updating too. It's +on my TODO. + +I spent some time writing the KISS Guidestones and KISS Style +documents which should answer all prior questions and speed +up the review process of new packages. (See above nav) + +Otherwise it's been a quiet week. Oh yeah. Dylan Araps version +22.02 was released this week on February 11. + + Dylan + +--- + +Aaron G (1): + Change maintainer for packages (#381) + +Adam Schaefers (36): + Keep Add gpg symlinks sans "2" for alternatives (#323) + netsurf: add gperf to make depends, fixes #320 (#322) + emacs: remove non-default settings (#325) + emacs-nox: remove non-default settings (#324) + new package: emacs27-git (#326) + new package: tcl 8.6.10 (#330) + new package: expect 5.45.4 (#329) + new package: wget 1.20.3 (#331) + new package: gnu-netcat 0.7.1 (#344) + new package: ed 1.15 (#343) + new package: sed 4.8 (#341) + new package: lzip 1.21 (#342) + new package: iproute2 5.5.0 (#337) + new package: shadow 4.8.1 (#346) + new package: bc 1.07 (#352) + new package: kmod 26 (#354) + tcl: fix symlink after install (#353) + bc: static (#357) + netcat: static (#356) + sed: static (#355) + gtar: remove FORCE_UNSAFE_CONFIGURE (#360) + coreutils: remove FORCE_UNSAFE_CONFIGURE (#359) + bc: bump to 1.07.1 (#361) + tcl: use system sqlite, symlink lib, install macros (#370) + new package: gmp 6.2.0 (#363) + new package: libunistring 0.9.1 (#365) + new package: gc 8.0.4 (#364) + new package: guile 2.2.6 (#366) + tcl: fix build (#378) + various packages: new maintainer (#392) + emacs: remove systemd cruft, sort depends (#391) + emacs-nox: remove systemd cruft, sort depends (#390) + emacs-git: remove systemd cruft, sort depends (#389) + pciutils: fixes #395 (#402) + new package: libcap 2.31 (#404) + new package: iputils 20190709 (#406) + +Anirudh Oppiliappan (2): + gdb: bump to 9.1 (#382) + gdb: fix build (#401) + +Artem Kobets (3): + oath-toolkit: fix build/depends (#334) + xmlsec1: fix build (#335) + less: new package at 551 (#336) + +Cem Keylan (8): + lazygit: bump to 0.14.2 (#327) + sinit: fix ubase-getty call (#328) + lazygit: bump to 0.14.3 (#348) + runit: new package at 2.1.2 (#333) + parted: remove gnu prefix for alternatives (#350) + webkit2gtk: bump to 2.26.4 (#394) + various packages: new maintainer (#396) + boost: new package at 1.72.0 (#410) + +Cliford Sab (1): + nnn: bump to 3.0 (#349) + +Dylan Araps (124): + grub: Fix build after GCC changes + cbindgen: bump to 0.13.1 + x265: Fix sources. Closes #144 + liberation-fonts: bump to 2.1.0 + xauth: new package at 1.1 + xinit: Make xauth runtime optional + kiss: bump to 1.4.2 + kiss-utils: bump to 1.4.2 + xinput: Fix depends + kiss: bump to 1.4.3 + kiss-utils: bump to 1.4.3 + kiss: bump to 1.4.4 + kiss-utils: bump to 1.4.4 + kiss: bump to 1.5.0 + kiss-utils: bump to 1.5.0 + util-linux: fix broken --sbindir + alsa-utils: Fix sbin dir + zlib: compile -fPIE + mandoc: Fix build and sbindir + openresolv: Fix sbindir + openssh: fix sbindir + cryptsetup: Fix sbindir + dosfstools: Fix sbindir + eudev: Fix sbindir + gcc: Revert static-pie fix. + zlib: revert pie fixes + mandoc: revert pie fixes + grub: revert pie fixes + docs: update + firefox: bump to 68.5.0esr + kiss: bump to 1.5.1 + kiss-utils: bump to 1.5.1 + grub: Disable -march=.* + firefox-bin: bump to 68.5.0esr + lvm2: bump to 2.03.08 + xf86-video-amdgpu: Fix rootless xorg + lvm2: Fixed from @ioraff + gcc: Add version 10 to testing + kiss: bump to 1.5.2 + kiss-utils: bump to 1.5.2 + rsync: Fix depends + mandoc: Fix build with GCC 10 + openresolv: move to extra + libxcb: fix depends + gnupg1: Fix build with GCC 10 + libarchive: bump to 3.4.2 + bzip2: Use cc @konimex + linux-headers: Use cc @konimex + perl: use cc @konimex + efibootmgr: Use cc @konimex + efivar: clean up and use cc + shared-mime-info: Use cc @konimex + tzdata: Use cc @konimex + zip: use cc @konimex + ffmpeg: use cc @konimex + eiwd: Fix depends + kiss: bump to 1.5.3 + kiss-utils: bump to 1.5.3 + kiss: bump to 1.5.4 + kiss-utils: bump to 1.5.4 + libwebp: Fix depends + kiss: bump to 1.5.5 + kiss-utils: bump to 1.5.5 + ncurses: bump to 6.2 + util-linux: Don't exclude utils + lvm2,libaio.popt,cryptsetup: move to community + shared-mime-info: Drop from repos + libnl,mandoc,util-linux,wpa_supplicant: Move to extra + eudev: move to extra + libarchive: Move to community + efibootmgr: Swap source to pull fixes. Closes #148 + libressl: Fix source + bison: bump to 3.5.2 + mesa: bump to 19.3.4 + popt: move to extra + falkon: move to community + qt5: move to community + docs: update + baseinit: use cc @konimex + mandoc: use cc @konimex + baseinit: remove post-install + kiss-utils: Merge into kiss package + musl: clean up + acpid: clean build + cmake: clean build + efibootmgr: Remove popt dependency + popt: move to community + openssh: clean up + pango: clean up + sqlite: clean up + wpa_supplicant: clean up + zip: clean up + xf86-video-ati: clean up + openssh: bump to 8.2p1 + gcc: setup lto. Closes #153 + ncurses: Add pc file. + xsel: Fixes + i3: new package at 4.17.1 + icu: Fix sbindir + ncdu: bump to 1.14.2 + go: bump to 1.13.8 + pcre: bump to 8.44 + community: Remove abduco, joe + lvm2,libaio,popt,cryptsetup: Add to community + libarchive: Move to community + bash: static + ubase: Remove stat. Closes #362 + docs: update + popt: move to extra + falkon: move to community + qt5: Move to community + nss: move to community + docs: update + popt: move to community + docs: update + imagemagick: fix source + imagemagick: bump to 7.0.9-23 + docs: update + community: test linter + community: test linter + community: test linter + community: test linter + pandoc-bin: bump to 2.9.2 + docs: update + +James Davies (2): + dosbox (#321) + Fix build: disable OpenGL support (#403) + +M. Herdiansyah (3): + picom: remove pcre (#375) + various packages: new maintainer (#383) + picom dependencies: new maintainer (#416) + +Matthew (1): + hsetroot: new pkg at 1.0.5 (#393) + +Owen Rafferty (11): + isync: new package at 1.3.1 (#371) + flac: new package at 1.3.3 (#369) + opusfile: new package at 0.11 (#372) + tk: new package at 8.6.10 (#368) + irssi: new package at 1.2.2 (#386) + zathura-pdf-mupdf: new package at 0.3.5 (#377) + libmupdf: new package at 1.16.1 (#376) + transmission-daemon: new package at 2.94 (#387) + xwallpaper: new package at 0.6.2 (#385) + neovim, popt, tcl: change maintainer (#399) + urlview: new package at 0.9-21 (#388) + +dzove855 (1): + Change maintainer (#398) + +matthew w (1): + screen: new package at 4.8.0 (#407) + +periish (2): + Added custard, a window manager by Sweets. (#397) + mg added (#400) diff --git a/wiki/Archive/Blog/20200218a/index.txt b/wiki/Archive/Blog/20200218a/index.txt @@ -0,0 +1,97 @@ +Subject +From Dylan Araps &lt;; +Date Mon, 18 Feb 2020 14:15:27 +0100 + + +I wrote a little about the new website in my weekly post +yesterday but felt the need to write something in depth +about it. + +Each blog post will now be formatted as if it were taken +from a mailing list archive. Why? It's fun and familiar. + + +HOW ARE PAGES WRITTEN? + +The new site doesn't use Markdown or any other kind of +Markup language. Instead each page is written in plain +text with the ability to use HTML tags if needed. + +The entire page is wrapped in pre tags with the .txt file +inserted in-between at "compile" time. Mimicking how a +browser displays a .txt file (to some extent). + +Writing posts is as simple as writing a .txt file. All +line breaks and white-space add spacing +(they also aren't condensed into a singular break). + +There's no need to worry about formatting, typography, +layout, etc as it will display exactly how it is written. + +I can forget about everything and just write! + + +PORTABILITY + +The website should display perfectly in text-based +browsers, browsers like netsurf or dillo and modern +browsers such as Firefox or Chromium. + +It can also be viewed using your pager and curl by +appending .txt to each URL which will download the plain +text version (as I wrote it in my text editor). + +This entire site will also serve as local documentation for +the distribution through storing the txt files in +/usr/share/doc/kiss. + +A Ctrl+A allows you to copy the entire page as plain-text +as another means of locally storing the contents as they +are displayed. + + +PERFORMANCE + +Each page takes up a single 3-10KB~ network request when +there are no images on the page. + +The content of each page makes up the majority of the size +so the exact number differs based on how much is written. + +Each page is so small that caching the CSS and any other +resources doesn't make sense at all. The overhead of the +surrounding boilerplate is < 1KB in size. + +There is no Javascript, analytics or what have you on this +site. It's simply text with the occasional image where +appropriate. + + +CUSTOMIZATION + +The reader has the ability to customize the font and font +sizing through their browser settings as this website will +use whatever the browser settings are. + +There is also a tiny amount of CSS to enable a dark theme +if the user's device sends 'prefers-color-scheme:dark'. + +@media (prefers-color-scheme:dark) { + body { + background: #000; + color: #fff; + } + + a { + color: #6CF + } +} + +The idea is that one can digest the information here in +whatever way they please. Through a terminal browser, +regular browser, text-editor, pager, etc. + + +THE END + + Dylan diff --git a/wiki/Archive/Blog/20200224a/index.txt b/wiki/Archive/Blog/20200224a/index.txt @@ -0,0 +1,189 @@ +Subject This week in KISS (#12) +From Dylan Araps &lt;; +Date Mon, 24 Feb 2020 15:07:09 +0100 + + +A thankfully quiet week this one was. The regular old package updates +and a lot of new documentation. Thanks to the ease of the new site +I'm actually enjoying the writing process now. + +<a href=""> + <img src="" alt="week-1"> +</a> + +Expect a large influx of documentation over the coming weeks. There's +a new "Frequently Asked Questions" page which I am writing as +questions coming in (rather than preempting what I _think_ will be +asked). + + +WEBSITE CHANGES + +The website is now hosted on GitHub pages due to Netlify's new +build minutes policy and KISS' lack of eligibility for their open +source offering. + +We lose out on nice features such as control over redirects, the +hook features which enabled Wiki mirroring etc though I'm not too +worried about it. It is what it is. + +The website sources are now a lot simpler than they were. Builds now +take less than a second to complete and there's a lot less +boilerplate tying the whole thing together. + +The 'docs' directory contains the compiled version of the site and +the 'site' directory contains the sources. + +Sources: + + +LAPTOP TROUBLES + +The charger for my laptop decided it didn't want to live anymore. +With hope and a roll of tape I managed to get it running again +(within a day) while I awaited a new charger which just arrived +(a day later). + +Shipping here (Greece) is wonderful. Cash on delivery as an option +instead of a card (or Paypal/equivalent) and next day delivery with +a courier. + +I'm on an island so the next day delivery was a shock. There's no +address where I live either so the courier delivers the package +wherever you are at that moment. + +Think of it as delivery to a name (or person) instead of to a +defined (and mappable) location. + + +THANKS AND WELCOME + +I'd like to thank everyone for their continue support. I hope you're +all enjoying KISS. I'll also give a big welcome to the influx of new +users this week. Enjoy your stay and let it be a long one. + +Onward to greater things. + + Dylan + + +Dylan Araps (62): + git: bump to 2.25.1 + gcc: Latest snapshot + intel-vaapi-driver: Fix build with GCC 10 + mesa: Fix build with GCC 10 + xf86-video-intel: Fix build with GCC 10 + gtk+3: bump to 3.24.14 + ffmpeg: properly use CC/CXX. @konimex. Closes #154 + e2fsprogs: Provide libs. Closes #155 + kiss: bump to 1.5.6 + x265: bump to 3.3 + xf86-video-intel: Swap to meson. @konimex Closes #156 + nodejs: bump to 13.9.0 + docs: update + kiss: bump to 1.6.0 + kiss: bump to 1.6.1 + alsa-lib: bump to 1.2.2 + baselayout: Fix URL + alsa-utils: bump to 1.2.2 + libinput: bump to 1.15.2 + eiwd: Fix depends + sowm: bump to 1.5 + busybox: fix adduser and enable util-linux utils + eudev: remove util-linux hard depend + libSM: Fix depends + busybox: Add fsck fix for uuid + xkbcomp: bump to 1.4.3 + musl: bump to 1.2.0 + kiss: bump to 1.7.0 + grub: Fix Ryzen issue + grub: Fix Ryzen issue + grub: Remove pointless line + kiss: Fix man page perms. Closes #158 + xcb-proto: bump to 1.14 + libxcb: bump to 1.14 + busybox: enable USE_PORTABLE_CODE. Closes #157 + busybox: Use portable cc. Closes #157 + docs: update + pandoc-bin: bump to 2.9.2 + docs: update + imagemagick: bump to 7.0.9-24 + btrfs-progs: drop from community + haserl: Drop from community + mini_httpd: drop from community + docs: update + tig: Drop from community + merge + xorriso: drop from community + man-pages*: drop from community + ethtool: new package at 5.4 + imagemagick: bump to 7.0.9-25 + imagemagick: bump to 7.0.9-26 + + +Adam Schaefers (8): + new package: libcap 2.31 (#404) + new package: iputils 20190709 (#406) + libcap: bump version to 2.32 (#430) + kmod: bump version to 27 (#429) + new package: readline 8.0p004 (#433) + emacs-git: update sources using '@' to specify branch (#432) + readline: remove extra space (#434) + ed: bump version to 1.16 closes #444 (#445) + +Artem Kobets (5): + xkb-switch: new package at 1.6.0 (#435) + man-pages-posix: new package at 2013a (#437) + man-pages: new package at 5.05 (#436) + man-pages-posix: new package at 2013a (#447) + man-pages: new package at 5.05 (#446) + +Cem Keylan (7): + boost: new package at 1.72.0 (#410) + mpc: new package at 0.33 (#413) + libmpdclient: new package at 2.18 (#412) + mpd: new package at 0.21.20 (#411) + vimpc: new package at 0.09.2 (#414) + mpd: require boost as a make dependency (#424) + uemacs: add new package at git to community (#438) + +Dilyn Corner (2): + Adoption (#451) + Adoption (#453) + +James Davies (1): + Fix build: disable OpenGL support (#403) + +Kiëd Llaentenn (8): + fd: new maintainer (#422) + ripgrep: new maintainer (#423) + exa: new package at 0.9.0 (#439) + tokei: new package at v10.1.2 (#441) + xmodmap: new package at v1.0.10 (#442) + hyperfine: new package at v1.9.0 (#443) + hexyl: new package at v0.6.0 (#448) + rage: new package at v0.3.1 (#449) + +Kris Heck (1): + tor: bump to (#420) + +M. Herdiansyah (2): + picom dependencies: new maintainer (#416) + weechat: update to 2.7.1 (#450) + +Owen Rafferty (3): + urlview: new package at 0.9-21 (#388) + libmupdf: fixing zathura-pdf-mupdf linking (#426) + pcre: change maintainer (#431) + +matthew w (3): + screen: new package at 4.8.0 (#407) + finished pkg (#418) + i3/i3-gaps: bump packages to 4.18 (#427) + +penguin-ff (1): + mutt: update to 1.13.4 (#425) + +periish (1): + Added wmutils (#428) + diff --git a/wiki/Archive/Blog/20200303a/index.txt b/wiki/Archive/Blog/20200303a/index.txt @@ -0,0 +1,321 @@ +Subject This week in KISS (#13) +From Dylan Araps &lt;; +Date Tue, 3 Mar 2020 12:07:09 +0100 + +Hello all. + +This week I worked on slimming down the official repositories. The +official repositories no longer require, libnl, automake, autoconf, +libtool, python-mako and others. + +<a href=""> + <img src="" alt="dylan"> +</a> + +Perl is now an optional dependency and is only required when building +Firefox or libvpx. The kernel also requires perl though there are +patches available for removing this requirement. + +YASM is now also an optional dependency and NASM is used everywhere. +The only package which requires YASM during builds is Firefox which +is optionally also available as a binary through firefox-bin. + +The installation guide will be updated once GCC 10 is released to +include the kernel changes above and how to avoid perl. + +I also worked on removing libxdg-basedir from picom and my patch +was accepted and merged upstream [1]. This library is tiny, +unmaintained and doesn't see much use anymore. + +[1] + + +WYVERKISS 0.2 released + +Wyverkiss is an alternative root-fs tarball created by Konimex which +uses LLVM/clang as the default compiler. This extends to removing as +much GNU as possible. + +This isn't an officially supported project so any bugs should be +reported to the wyverkiss repository. I thought I'd post about it +regardless as it is KISS related and may be of some interest to you. + +To quote the README: + + "Wyverkiss is an alternative rootfs for KISS Linux. If KISS goes + GNU, we go the opposite." + +Source: + + +DOCS + +Every KISS install now optionally includes the distribution's +documentation (in /usr/share/doc/kiss). This was done for a couple +of reasons. + +1) It removes the network requirement for the docs and enables the + user to read them locally.. + +2) It's another means of ensuring that the docs outlive the website + were it to go down. + +The files themselves take up no space at all as they're merely plain +.txt files. With this change, every KISS user has the entire distro +stored locally on their system. + +This was fairly simple to achieve as the repositories are git based +and contain full history, the package manager is written in shell +so the installed program _is_ the source code and the docs are +little .txt files. + +Were something to happen to me (knock on wood!), there is now nothing +to lose access to. Every KISS user has the ability to continue to +keep their system up to date and to additionally keep KISS alive. + +Remember, the distribution is designed to be maintainable by a single +person. You have the right and means as a user to drop the dependence +on me at any time. + + +SYSMGR + +Cem Keylan, (the creator of Carbs Linux (a distro based on KISS)) has +released a simple system supervisor. The project was written with +KISS Linux an Carbs Linux in mind and Cem is calling for testers. + +The project is written in POSIX shell and should require no +additional dependencies. If you are interested, please try it out. + +I am yet to use it though it's always good to have options. I thought +I'd post about this as it's a minimal alternative for those using +KISS who are looking to move away from busybox init. + +Source: + + +BIRCH + +I spent some time working on my IRC client as well. I rewrote it from +the ground up and it's now in a "ready" state. Documentation is still +lacking which I will tackle over the next week. + +While all of the core functionality has been implemented, you may +still find some bugs. This is expected! + +A little introduction first. Birch is an IRC client written in +around 200 lines of bash (excluding blank lines and comments). + +<a href=""> + <img src="" alt="irc client"> +</a> + +Interesting features include: + +- Full readline prompt ('read -e') with support for tab completion of + nicks, channels, etc and support for keybindings, message history + and all readline keybindings. + +- Buffers and a tabline split into server, channels and users. The + <Ctrl+n> keybind can be used to cycle through buffers. + +- Pretty printing of output. Nicks are colored based on their length + and the display is what I would call "pretty". + + +These may seem pretty basic to you as a reader though keep in mind +that bash is very tricky to work with when it comes to writing any +kind of TUI. + +The trickiest part is that the input prompt and IRC listener must run +asynchronously and small portions of the window must be updated +without affecting other parts of the window. + +So, the listener runs in the background. When you background +something in bash, it runs in a subshell. What this means is that you +can no longer share variables between the now separate processes. + +This made it very hard to communicate between input/output. I ended +up using files for IPC which turned out great for logging purposes. +Lots of fun to be had. + +I know I'll get this question: "Why bash?". I'll answer as simply as +possible. It's fun and challenging! + +Source: + + +POW + +I also spent a little time writing a simple and barebones laptop +power management tool called pow. It merely provides two commands, +'pow pow' to swap to power (AC) and 'pow bat' to swap to battery. + +On my hardware the battery mode passes all of powertop's tunable +nitpicks though more rules may need to be added for yours. Patches +are welcome. + +This tool provides no daemon to listen to AC/Battery events. It only +provides the switching mechanism. It's up to you how, when and why +it should be run. + +There is no configuration file either as the program is so tiny. Once +edits are made and it works, there's no real need to ever touch it +again. + +As an example, you could pair this with acpid to automatically run it +on specific events. I hope you find some use out of it, I have! + +Source: + + +SOWM + +SOWM is a simple window manager of my creation and is the closest +thing to a "default" window manager in a KISS system. It comes in at +around 200 LOC and is extendable through patches. + +<a href=""> + <img src="" alt="window manager"> +</a> + +The patch process for SOWM has changed to a more maintainable system. +Each patch is now a pull request on GitHub which will be kept open in +perpetuity. + +The author of the pull request will know when there are merge +conflicts as the web-UI won't allow the PR to be merged. GitHub also +allows patches to be generated by appending '.patch' to the PR URL. + +I also worked on adding basic titlebar support to SOWM. They're +pretty useless right now though I'll be extending the patch to add +title text, buttons, etc. It's a start. + +Patches: + + +--- + +Dylan Araps (62): + wpa_supplicant: Link statically to libnl-tiny + libnl: move to community + eiwd,openresolv: Move to community + wpa_supplicant: minor fixes + opendoas: fix comment + kiss: More portable install usage + liberation-fonts: More portable install + json-c: Move to community + libevent: Move to community + kiss: bump to 1.7.1 + fontconfig: Remove automake dependency + GNU auto*,libtool: Move to community + glib: bump to 2.63.6 + wpa_supplicant: use CC. @konimex. Closes #160 + baseinit: bump to 0.4.2 + baseinit: bump to 0.4.3 + baseinit: bump to 0.4.4 + gcc: latest snapshot + python: bump to 3.8.2 + baseinit: bump to 0.5.0 + mesa: Use own python-mako. python-mako: drop + various: fix maintainer + various: fix maintainer + python: fix chmod + python2: fix chmod + meson bump to 0.53.2 + glib: never pcre + kiss: bump to 1.7.2 + bison: Remove perl dependency + rsync: Remove perl dependency. Thanks @E5ten + x264: Remove perl depend + gtk+3: Remove perl dependency + xkeyboard-config: Remove perl dependency + rsync: Add comment + xkeyboard-config: Simpler xml2lst. Thanks @E5ten + glib: bump to 2.64.0 + rust: bump to 1.41.1 + xvidcore: use yasm + lame: Disable nasm. + libass: Use nasm + xvidcore: Use nasm. + libvpx: use nasm + libjpeg-turbo: Use nasm + ffmpeg: use nasm + xkeyboard-config: Fix checksums + libevdev: bump to 1.9.0 + fribidi: bump to 1.0.9 + imagemagick: bump to 7.0.9-26 + libnl: Add to community + eiwd,openresolv: Add to community + apulse: drop from community + json-c: Add to community + libevent: Add to community + GNU auto*,libtool: Move to community + compton,esetroot,keychain: Drop from community + zsh: drop from community + luajit: Create missing symlinks + guile: drop from community + mercurial: Drop from community. + imagemagick: bump to 7.0.9-27 + ntfs-3g: Fix build. Closes #489 + mc: Remove from community + +Adam Schaefers (7): + drop nawk, add nawk-git, closes #467 + nettle: remove texinfo dependency + pciutils: fix #490 + libcap: bump to 2.33, use_sched_not_pthread.patch + libcap: use sed, not patch + +Cem Keylan (4): + lazygit: bump to 0.15.2 + lazygit: bump to 0.15.3 + libsoup: bump to 2.68.4 + lazygit: bump to 0.15.5 + +Dilyn Corner (5): + xf86-input-mtrack: new package at 0.5.0 + modified: xf86-input-mtrack/build + modified: build + modified: depends + xf86-input-mtrack: bumped to 0.5.1 + +Dzogovic Vehbo (1): + fix lua rights - thanks to paper + +Kris Heck (1): + Various packages: adoption (#415) (#454) + +M. Herdiansyah (3): + json-c: swap to cmake (#457) + picom: remove libxdg-basedir depends (#458) + libxdg-basedir: drop package (#459) + +Matthew W (1): + mercurial: new package at 5.3 + +Muhammad Herdiansyah (6): + picom: use patch submitted to upstream + go: update to 1.14 + picom: switch to merged patch + libsodium: new package at 1.0.18 + minisign: new package at 0.8 + libsodium/minisign: move to proper directories + +Owen Rafferty (7): + sfeed: new package at 0.9.16 + xwallpaper: bump to 0.6.3 + glu: new package at 9.0.1 + cython: new package at 0.29.15 + freeglut: new package at 3.2.1 + flashrom: new package at 1.2 + keyutils: new package at 1.6.1 + +Will Eccles (3): + cfm: update to 0.5.4 + cfm: update to 0.5.6 + cfm: update to 0.6.0 + +dzove855 (1): + Add dylan's improvement. + diff --git a/wiki/Archive/Blog/20200309a/index.txt b/wiki/Archive/Blog/20200309a/index.txt @@ -0,0 +1,148 @@ +Subject This week in KISS (#14) +From Dylan Araps &lt;; +Date Tue, 9 Mar 2020 14:07:09 +0100 + +Hello. + +This week I worked on reducing the size of KISS' installation +and rootfs tarball. This involved a myriad of different changes. +The size shrunk from 47.7MB to the new size of 26.7MB. + +The installation tarball also doubles as a fully functional +chroot tarball. For those itching to give KISS a test run from +another machine, just extract the tarball and chroot into it. + +<a href=""> + <img src="" alt="dylan"> +</a> + +The entire system can now run without the use of perl. Perl is +now only a compile time dependency for two packages, Firefox +and libvpx. + +There is a patch available to build the kernel without perl as +well. Thanks to Ethan Sommer for porting the kernel's perl +script to POSIX shell. + +YASM has been removed from the repositories entirely and all +packages which used it prior have been configured to use NASM. + +For those using mdev instead of eudev as their device manager, +the boot process is now quicker. This is thanks to the removal +of some redundant and synchronous code from the boot process. + +I have timed my system's boot with mdev and the process takes a +single second to complete now. This is down from the previous +two seconds without the change. (Of course, YMMV). + +GCC, nodejs, git, binutils and other packages have seen a size +reduction due to the removal of unneeded files. The git package +saw a reduction from 30 or so MB to 4MB from some linker magic +written by Ethan Sommer. + +Grub no longer requires Python during the build process. It +turns out that it isn't actually needed at all. Through two +small 'sed' calls, this "false" requirement has been removed. + +Grub requires Python to generate some files for the build but +as it turns out, these files already exist in the release +tarballs. The build system just forces you to generate them +_again_. + + +NEOFETCH + +Yesterday I released a new version of Neofetch. Version 7.0.0 +to be exact. I also worked on streamlining the release process +so that I am able to push updates in shorter intervals. + +There will be bugs, there always is. In fact, I've already fixed +a couple. With the new process, expect a new release from me +in the coming week. + +Source: + + + Dylan + +--- + +Dylan Araps (49): + sowm: bump to 1.6 + gcc: No nls + gcc: latest snapshot + firefox: vendor yasm + yasm: Drop from repos + baseinit: bump to 0.5.1 + git: Reduce size by 25MB~ @E5ten + binutils: Reduce size slightly + binutils: trailing white-space + curl: bump to 7.69.0 + cmake: bump to 3.16.5 + nodejs: bump to 13.10.0 + nodejs: Remove unneeded headers + kiss: bump to 1.7.3 + firefox: Optional icon theme + firefox-bin: No required icon theme + nodejs: bump to 13.10.1 + kiss: bump to 1.7.4 + kiss: bump to 1.7.5 + samurai: move to core + grub: disable nls + grub: Bye bye python + core: Move some packages to extra + e2fsprogs: Move to extra + intel-media-driver: move to community + mesa: bump to 20.0.1 + libinput: bump to 1.15.3 + kiss: bump to 1.7.6 + baseinit: Install sources + baseinit: bump to 0.5.2 + busybox: Clear hotplug for mdev service + baseinit: bump to 0.6.3 + libffi: Fix source + busybox: Fix hotplug null + baseinit: bump to 0.7.0 + xf86-video-nouveau: Rootless xorg + gcc: Fix source + busybox: Fix checksums. Closes #166 + bison: bump to 3.5.3 + ccache: Clang support + linux-headers: bump to 5.4.24 + kiss: bump to 1.7.7 + linux-headers: Old model + github: Update PR template + intel-media-driver: Add to community + youtube-dl-git: Drop from community + nmap: no more python2. Closes #513 + imagemagick: bump to 7.0.10-0 + neofetch: bump to 7.0.0 + +Adam Schaefers (4): + libcap: remove duplicate DESTDIR + libcap: PKGCONFIGDIR=/usr/lib closes ##499 (#500) + libcap: fix pkgconfig closes #499 (#503) + coreutils: bump version to 8.32 (#510) + +Cem Keylan (3): + sysmgr: add new package at 0.1.2 to community (#502) + lazygit: bump to 0.16.2 (#501) + glib-networking: bump to 2.64.0 (#512) + +Cédric (1): + Poppler updated to 0.86.1 + +Kris Heck (2): + tcc: new package at 0.9.27 (#511) + tcc: use CC as compiler (#515) + +M. Herdiansyah (1): + json-c: change source and move to regular configure (#506) + +Owen Rafferty (2): + youtube-dl: fix maintainer (#509) + youtube-dl: bump to 2020.03.08 (#516) + +periish (1): + Updated nss. (#517) + diff --git a/wiki/Archive/Blog/20200316a/index.txt b/wiki/Archive/Blog/20200316a/index.txt @@ -0,0 +1,418 @@ +Subject This week in KISS (#15) +From Dylan Araps &lt;; +Date Tue, 16 Mar 2020 15:07:09 +0100 + +Hello. + +It's been a weird week. + +All stores (excluding Super Markets, Pharmacies, etc) have been +closed here. People are keeping their distance and most people have +decided to not leave the confines of their homes/yards (me included). + +<a href=""> + <img src="" alt="dylan"> +</a> + +The repositories are now ready for GCC 10. Each package has been +tested and fixes have been made to any with issues. GCC 10 snapshots +are available in the testing repository for those wanting to dive +in early. + +The perl dependency has been removed from libvpx. Perl was required +solely for the generation of four header files. The package now +simply includes these header files in generated form. + +Firefox is now the only package with a dependency on perl. This is +also only a build dependency meaning that there is no runtime +dependency on perl anywhere in the system. + +Our gzip implementation has been changed to pigz which is a parallel +version of gzip. Expect speedups when working with large gzipped +sources (depends on your core count of course). + + +PACKAGE MANAGER + +The compression method used for KISS packages is now configurable via +the KISS_COMPRESS environment variable. The current valid values are +gz, xz and bz2. + +This same code is shared by the source extraction function which has +the upside of making our tar command usage more portable between tar +implementations. + +The final step for maximal tar portability is the removal of the +'--strip-components' flag which limits our compatibility to busybox +tar, libarchive tar (bsdtar) and GNU tar. This is tricky to solve, +any suggestions welcome. + + +KISS-FORK and KISS-LINK + +I added two new utilities which aid in the forking and linking of +packages between repositories. + +'kiss-fork <pkg>' will copy the package's repository directory into +your current directory. + +'kiss-link <file>' will link a package's repository file to the next +repository in KISS_PATH. + +Example: + +-> ls libsass mesa pp sassc st wine + +-> kiss-fork libdrm +forked package to /home/goldie/dylan-repo/libdrm + +-> cd libdrm +-> ls +build checksums depends sources version + +-> kiss-link checksums +linked checksums to /home/goldie/projects/kiss-new/extra/./libdrm +-> kiss-link depends +linked depends to /home/goldie/projects/kiss-new/extra/./libdrm +-> kiss-link sources +linked sources to /home/goldie/projects/kiss-new/extra/./libdrm +-> kiss-link version +linked version to /home/goldie/projects/kiss-new/extra/./libdrm + +-> lsl +build +checksums -> /home/goldie/projects/kiss-new/extra/./libdrm/checksums +depends -> /home/goldie/projects/kiss-new/extra/./libdrm/depends +sources -> /home/goldie/projects/kiss-new/extra/./libdrm/sources +version -> /home/goldie/projects/kiss-new/extra/./libdrm/version + + +The result is a fork of the libdrm package to the user's repository +with every file (except for build) symlinked to the repository +containing libdrm. + +This allows the user to make changes to the build process of libdrm +without having to maintain the entire package. The rest of the files +are linked to the official libdrm so any version updates trickle +down. + + +REMOVING THE NETWORK REQUIREMENT FROM A RUST PACKAGE + +First some context. The KISS repositories (excluding community) have +the requirement that no package require an internet connection during +the build process. + +What this means is that all network connections made by the package +manager should only be to the static list of sources defined for the +package. + +This allows the sources list to be signed via GPG and further allows +the package manager to verify the checksums of everything downloaded. +This finally allows the sources to be cached. + +In short, no package should download random stuff during builds. The +package manager should handle this. + +Enter cbindgen. + +Some packages make this a very difficult thing to pull off. Most +notably Rust and cbindgen. The latter being the package I will talk +about in this post. + +The cbindgen package requires a total of 35 crates. This results in +35 additional source downloads we need checksums for. I've come +across packages requiring 200+ crates in my travels. + +The process looks like this: + +1. Generate a list of each required crate and the required versions + of each crate. This must be done for the whole dependency chain. + +2. Turn the generated list into a list of download URLs for each + crate. ( + +3. Append the URL list to the sources file. Each crate source should + also be copied to 'vendor/' so the second field of each source + must include it. + +4. Set the 'CARGO_HOME' environment variable's value to '$PWD' to + prevent cargo from accessing the user's home directory. We need to + contain things to the package manager's domain. + +5. Extract each crate (really tarballs in disguise). Cargo expects + them to all be unpacked prior to 'cargo build'. + +6. Generate a '.cargo-checksum.json' file for each of the extracted + crates. The checksum should be of the unextracted crate. + +7. Create the '.cargo' directory in '$PWD'. We need to create a cargo + configuration file for the build to work. + +8. Create a configuration file called 'config' in '.cargo'. This file + will instruct cargo to avoid when looking for crates and + to instead look in 'vendor/'. + +9. Use the '--frozen' argument with 'cargo build' to prevent cargo + from accessing the network to look for new crate versions. + + +Yes. This is the only way to remove the network requirement from a +build of anything using cargo. + +If you'd like to see what the resulting package looks like, the +source is available below (comments included!). + +NOTE: The maintainer of the software _could_ distribute tarballs + which include all of the crates via 'cargo vendor' though this + isn't a common practice from what I've seen. + +Source: + + +REMOVING DBUS FROM IWD (AGAIN) + +I posted a while ago about my fork of iwd called 'eiwd'. What it is, +is a fork of iwd with the dbus requirement removed. I decided to +start again this week with the intention of handling things +differently the second time around. + +The new eiwd touches as little existing code as possible and is +merely a series of '#ifdef HAVE_DBUS' throughout the codebase. I've +also added the '--disable-dbus' configure flag. + +It is now possible to use the eiwd sources as a drop-in replacement +for iwd in distributions wanting to optionally enable dbus based on +some kind of conditional (Gentoo USE flags as an example). + +The daemon is fully functional and I will _eventually_ get around to +writing a new client to work without dbus. + +Source: + + +KISS AND BEDROCK LINUX + +A KISS user has successfully run Bedrock Linux with KISS as a strata. + +<a href=""> + <img src="" alt="bedrock linux"> +</a> + +Bedrock's handling of the system boot/shutdown also uncovered two +minor issues with KISS' init process which have now been fixed. + +A big thank you to Bedrock Linux creator Paradigm for helping myself +and the mentioned user to solve any issues. + +A full album of images can be seen here: + + +NOTABLE USER REPOSITORIES + +kiss-games + +kiss-games is a user repository for KISS which includes a long list +of games and emulators. Any user can add the repository to gain +access to its list of packages. + +Source: + +mywayland + +This repository brings Wayland to KISS. It includes Sway, wlroots and +other required packages. Same as above, any user is able to enable +this repository to start running Wayland. + +Source: + + +This is what I was hoping for when creating the repository system and +the imposed limits to the size of the official repositories. + +An "ecosystem" of repositories (by users!) which complement and +extend the base system. + +I can't wait to see where this will go. + + +A LITTLE ABOUT MYSELF + +KISS has attracted a lot of new users recently. As distributions are +more or less centred around trust, I thought I'd end this week's post +by taking a moment to introduce myself. + +* I was born February of 1998 in Melbourne, Australia. Both of my + parents are of Greek descent. I grew up living with my Mother + and grandparents. I am 22 years of age. + +* I don't own a phone of any kind. The only piece of technology I own + is my laptop which runs KISS and which I use to work on my + software. When I leave the house, I'm completely disconnected. + +* I've always had an affinity for computers and have tinkered with + them from a young age. Building my own PCs, messing with console + homebrew, iPod jailbreaks (what fun they were), etc. + +* I dropped out of High School at the age of 13 (after the first + year) and dedicated all of my time to technology. I was in an + "accelerated learning" class for my only year. + +* I started making websites at 13 from my PC which still ran Windows. + This progressed to making websites for local businesses. + +* I first tried Linux when Valve ran the Tux promotion for Team + Fortress 2 ( I kept using + Linux from this point on. + +* My first Linux project came late 2015 when I released the first + versions of Neofetch (a system information tool). + +* Since 2015 I've written a lot of software. wal/Pywal, the Pure bash + bible, the pure sh bible, fff, pfetch, sowm, KISS Linux etc. + +* I started university in 2016 and turned 18 during the first month + or so. I did two years of a Bachelor's in computer something + something before transferring to a Journalism bachelor and then + finally dropping out of that. + +* I moved to Greece in 2018 with my Grandmother, Mother, Brother and + Cousin. I still live here. I didn't speak the language and couldn't + read/write it either. My Grandfather passed two months prior to us + leaving. + +* I've been homeless two times in my life. Once as a child and the + second time in 2018 prior to the Greece move. Funny enough we went + from homelessness in Australia to homelessness in Greece before + finally setting in somewhere. + +* KISS Linux was started from a single room in which myself, my + brother, cousin, grandmother and mother lived at that time. The + WiFi came from a cafe across the road, 3 floors down. + + To complicate things further, my grandmother was also dying at this + time (after having a stroke) and a stray cat had birthed kittens in + this same room. + + My Grandmother made a recovery though we had another scare in + January of this current year (2020). + + I now have a permanent place to live and one which I won't jokingly + call a "Human rights violation". I am still living out of a single + suitcase though. + +* If I were to count the total "house moves" I've made throughout my + life, I'd end up with a number around 40. 2018 alone had me move + around 10 or so times. + +It's been a wild ride so far, full of its ups and downs. I've omitted +quite a lot as I'll probably write something more in depth elsewhere +(at a later stage). Some things should also probably be left unsaid. + +This wasn't meant as a sob story or anything of that nature. Just +a loose and rough timeline of events somewhat related to my Open +Source work. I'm very happy and wouldn't have my life any other way. + +I hope this gave you a clearer picture of who I am and more +importantly, why I am. + + + Dylan + +--- + + +Dylan Araps (55): + atk: Don't build tests + firefox: Fix error in dash + eiwd,openresolv: Move to extra + eiwd: bump to 1.5-1 + curl: bump to 7.69.1 + firefox-bin: Fix update issue + eiwd: bump to 1.5-2 + eiwd: bump to 1.5-3 + glib: bump to 2.64.1 + eiwd: bump to 1.5-4 + openesolv: Fix sysconfdir @konimex. Closes #168 + kiss: bump to 1.7.8 + gcc: latest snapshot + nodejs: bump to 13.11.0 + cbindgen: Remove network requirement + kiss: bump to 1.7.9 + gcc: bump to 9.3.0 + rust: bump to 1.42.0 + libdrm: GCC 10 fix + flex: Fix depends + flex: Make m4 make + binutils: Fix depends + binutils: Fix depends + bison: Fix depends + grub: Fix depends + cmake: Remove unneeded configure flags + glib: Don't build fuzzing stuff + libxkbcommon: Fix depends + xcb-util-wm: Fix depends + xcb-util-cursor: Fix depends + xf86-video-ati: GCC 10 fixes + xf86-video-amdgpu: GCC 10 fixes + xf86-video-intel: Fix LDFLAGS + xf86-video-nouveau: GCC 10 fixes + gcc: Fix depends + perl: bump to 5.30.2 + baseinit: bump to 0.7.1 + kiss: bump to 1.7.10 + kiss: bump to 1.8.0 + gzip: swap implementation to pigz + sudo: bump to 1.8.31p1 + binutils: Fix depends + glib: Fix no libelf + firefox-bin: Fix naming issue. Closes #172 + kiss: bump to 1.8.1 + ccache: bump to 3.7.8 + pfetch: bump to 0.5.0 + ne: drop from community + eiwd,openresolv: Move to extra + gmp: new package at 6.2.0 + mpfr: new package at 4.0.2 + pfetch: bump to 0.6.0 + icu: bump to 66.1 + icu: Fix url. Closes #528 + imagemagick: bump to 7.0.10-1 + +Adam Schaefers (1): + libcap: add perl dep, closes #544 (#546) + +Anirudh Oppiliappan (1): + radare2: new package at 4.3.1 (#538) + +Cem Keylan (2): + boost: don't link statically (#525) + libsoup: bump to 2.70.0 (#531) + +Dilyn Corner (1): + extra-cmake-modules bumped to 5.68.0 (#519) + +Eudald Gubert i Roldan (5): + btpd: new package at 0.16 (#520) + ledger: new package at 3.1.3 (#526) + font-awesome: new package at 5.12.1 (#530) + sc: new package at 7.16_1.1.2 (#535) + sc-im: new package at 0.7.0 (#536) + +James Davies (1): + Fix qemu (#539) + +Kiëd Llaentenn (1): + hexyl: v0.6.0 => v0.7.0 (#532) + +Kris Heck (1): + jbig2dec: bump to 0.18 (#540) + +M. Herdiansyah (2): + cryptsetup: update to 2.3.1 (#534) + lvm2: patch the bashism @ioraff (#533) + +dzove855 (1): + dump xtrlock to 2.13 (#545) + diff --git a/wiki/Archive/Blog/20200325a/index.txt b/wiki/Archive/Blog/20200325a/index.txt @@ -0,0 +1,142 @@ +Subject This week in KISS (#16) +From Dylan Araps &lt;; +Date Tue, 25 Mar 2020 12:07:09 +0100 + +Hello, + +Apologies for the delay. I'm under full lock-down now and things have +been odd to say the least. I and those around me are well. + +This week was a quiet one with my focus being on further size +reduction of packages and general bug fixes. The package manager has +also received new features and an overall reduction in size +(now 650~ LOC). + +<a href=""> + <img src="" alt="dylan"> +</a> + +LLVM and Clang 10.0.0 are now available in the repositories. +Everything is tested and ready for GCC 10 with the final packages +seeing fixes. + +The Python package saw a 90-100MB size reduction thanks to the +removal of unneeded (and what I can only call) "stuff". Python 2 +received a near identical "stuff" removal. + +The package manager will soon (once a release is made) show you a +more detailed output when the dependency finder/fixer and the binary +stripper do their thing. + +eiwd (iwd without dbus) 1.6-1 has been released with the changes from +upstream being pulled in. No new developments in the new client just +yet sadly! + + Dylan + +--- + +Dylan Araps (47): + xorg-server: Fix post-install + baseinit: bump to 0.7.2 + gperf: Disable xmlto and specs + gperf: Revert prior commit + libX11: Disable xmlto + specs + git: bump to 2.25.2 + xz: bump to 5.2.5 + libinput: bump to 1.15.4 + eudev: Fix btrfs error + gcc: Remove verbose from cp + baselayout: Fix style + mesa: bump to 20.0.2 + busybox: Build acpid + busybox: Add acpid service files. Closes #173 + cmake: bump to 3.17.0 + cbindgen: bump to 0.13.2 + baseinit: bump to 0.7.3 + mesa: Fix depends + git: Fix broken patch. Closes #174 + e2fsprogs: bump to 1.45.6 + eiwd: bump to 1.5-5 + zstd: new package at 1.4.4 + kiss: bump to 1.9.0 + libxml2: Bump rel + git: bump to 2.26.0 + bison: Fix deps + pkgconf: Use https + openresolv: Use https + python: Drop 90-100MB of STUFF + python: Drop -r + python2: Reduce size to 30MB + cmake: Fixes + python: Disable CFLAG for clang. Closes #177 + gzip: Add gunzip + mesa,rust: Bump rel for LLVM/Clang 10 + llvm,clang: bump to 10.0.0 + eiwd: bump to 1.6-1 + libepoxy: better source + grub: Remove pointless comment + mandoc: Nitpick + nodejs: bump to 13.12.0 + gcc,perl: Fix POSIX find. Closes #178 + automake: bump to 1.16.2 + imagemagick: bump to 7.0.10-2 + file: use https + pandoc-bin: bump to + nano: bump to 4.9 + + +Adam Schaefers (1): + gnupg2: bump version to 2.2.20 (#570) + +Ben Cornett (1): + vmwh: new package at git (#571) + +Bridouz (1): + syncthing: update to 1.4.0 (#549) + +Caio Novais (1): + xhost: new package at 1.0.8 (#582) + +Cem Keylan (6): + lazygit: bump to 0.17.0 (#552) + mpd: bump to 0.21.21 (#560) + lazygit: bump to 0.17.1 (#559) + lazygit: bump to 0.17.4 (#581) + sysmgr: bump to 0.2.0 (#580) + lazygit: remove package (#592) + +Cliford Sab (1): + berry: bump to 0.1.4 (#555) + +Cédric (1): + Qrencode: new maintainer (#578) + +Eudald Gubert i Roldan (1): + font-awesome: bump to 5.13.0 (#579) + +Kiëd Llaentenn (3): + ripgrep: update to v12.0.0 (#550) + fd: update: v7.4.0 => v7.5.0 (#588) + tokei: update to v11.0.0 (#587) + +Kris Heck (2): + tor: bump to (#551) + qrencode: yeet unneeded build deps (#557) + +M. Herdiansyah (3): + libev: update to 4.33 (#565) + irssi: new maintainer (#567) + go: update to 1.14.1 (#566) + +Owen Rafferty (3): + xwallpaper: bump to 0.6.4 (#554) + youtube-dl: bump to 2020.03.24 (#577) + cython: bump to 0.29.16 (#583) + +ax (1): + btrfs-progs: new package at 5.4.1 (#586) + +sdsddsd1 (1): + sdl2: update to 2.0.12 (#553) + diff --git a/wiki/Archive/Blog/20200426a/index.txt b/wiki/Archive/Blog/20200426a/index.txt @@ -0,0 +1,458 @@ +Subject This month in KISS (#1) +From Dylan Araps &lt;; +Date Tue, 25 Apr 2020 12:07:09 +0100 + +Hello, + +First off. Apologies for the rather large delay in the release of this post. My +laptop of four years decided to never again turn on. The model (Lenovo Yoga 900) +is plagued with power issues which I came to know very well. + +This caused me to take a temporary leave from my usual post until a replacement +laptop could arrive. I was gone a total of 18 days, I believe. I would like to +thank the community and all users for keeping things going while I was gone. + +I was able to replace the laptop in a timely manner due to three very generous +donations which I received out of the blue. I can't even begin to thank you, +your kindness left me over the moon. + +From now on, these posts will be written and published monthly (instead of +weekly). This will make the posts fuller, more interesting and allow me to +spend more time writing them. + +Seeing as I was inactive for a good part of this month, this post will be +smaller than what I envisioned for "This Month in KISS". Expect the next one +to be what I describe above. + +KISS saw a large influx of users while I was away and I'd like to formally +welcome everyone. o/ + +(KISS has also recently been added to DistroWatch! + + + + +NEW LAPTOP + +I now develop KISS on an "Honor MagicBook 14". For those unaware of "Honor", +it's a company owned by Huawei (which previously stuck to the release of various +Android smartphones but has since released laptops). + +<a href=""><picture> + <img src="" alt="laptop"> +</picture></a> + +The laptop was €550 and arrived within a week of purchase. This being Greece, +I was able to buy the laptop online with cash (via cash-on-delivery)! It's a +cool system which enables you to shop online without the use of a card/Paypal. + +I'm very happy with the laptop. I didn't have much choice in the matter as my +priorities were obtaining something quickly and within my budget (at that time). +I believe I made the best choice possible in that moment. + +The specification are as follows: + +- Ryzen 3500u (I now have 4 cores instead of the 2 I had prior!) +- 256GB NVME SSD (It's weird not having /dev/sdXY anymore) +- 8GB of memory (7GB usable) (The aGPU actually reserves 1GB for its own use) +- 1080p IPS matte display (Very nice for outdoor usage) + +Odd/Interesting things: + +- The webcam sits *below* a key on the keyboard and a press will pop it up. + There's no webcam in the usual place (above the display). I no longer have to + tape up my webcam in other words. + +- The FN key is more like Caps Lock than Shift (a toggle). I don't know if this + is something uncommon but I've never personally come across it. + +- The power button is a fingerprint reader. While I'm no longer taping my + webcam, I'm now taping over my power button. + +- The laptop charges (with fast charging) over USB-C. I'm really happy with this + as my last laptop had its own special charger and replacements were nigh + impossible to find. + + +PACKAGE MANAGER CHANGES + +A lot of smaller changes have been made and a myriad of bugs fixed. I'll stick +to mentioning the interesting or major changes as this post will be rather long. + +The package manager no longer uses 'rsync' to handle transfers during +installation and instead handles everything using basic utilities (cp, etc). +In other words; if you do not personally use rsync, you may now remove it! + +The behavior of 'kiss &lt;action>' when no further arguments are passed has +changed. Instead of aborting, the package manager will check to see if '$PWD' +resolves to a kiss package. + +What I've been told is CRUX-like usage looks as follows (zlib as example): + +-> cd /path/to/zlib +-> kiss b +-> kiss i + +What's great about this is that it bypasses your enabled list of repositories. +The repository it belongs to will be added to your `$KISS_PATH` _only_ for this +invocation of the package manager. + +Any utilities named in 'kiss-*' in your '$PATH' will now integrate directly +with the package manager. They'll appear in the help output and be usable via +'kiss &lt;name>' (&lt;name> being the utlitity name with 'kiss-' stripped). + +Here's what it looks like: + + -> kiss [a|b|c|i|l|r|s|u|v] [pkg] [pkg] [pkg] + -> alternatives List and swap to alternatives + -> build Build a package + -> checksum Generate checksums + -> install Install a package + -> list List installed packages + -> remove Remove a package + -> search Search for a package + -> update Check for updates + -> version Package manager version + + -> Installed extensions (kiss-* in $PATH) + -> cargo-urlgen Generate sources for rust packages. + -> chbuild Create/destroy temporary chroots. + -> chroot Enter a kiss chroot. + -> depends Display a package's dependencies. + -> depends-finder Find missing dependencies by parsing 'ldd'. + -> export Turn an installed package into a KISS tarball. + -> fork Fork a package to the current directory. + -> link Link a repository file to another repository. + -> maintainer Find the maintainer of a package. + -> manifest Display all files owned by a package. + -> manifest-tree Display all files owned by a package in a tree. + -> new Create a boilerplate package. + -> orphans List orphaned packages. + -> outdated Check installed packages for updates. + -> owns Check which package owns a file. + -> repodepends Display a package's original dependencies. + -> reset Remove all packages except for the base. + -> revdepends Display packages which depend on package. + -> size Show the size on disk for a package. + + + +FLATPAK + +One of the most frequent questions I receive about KISS is support for software +like Steam, Spotify, Discord and others which don't run natively on musl at all. + +There are also open source offerings like Libreoffice, Gimp, Krita, etc which +are very difficult and time consuming to package (especially given KISS' chosen +software stack).. + +I usually answer this question by directing users to a 'glibc chroot'. What this +entails is a chroot of a glibc distribution which is then used to house and run +the software. + +This runs flawlessly though is a little difficult to setup and manage compared +Flatpaks, snaps and appimages. + +I have packaged Flatpak for KISS and modified it to fit nicely into the system. +For now, Flatpak lives in a separate repository as there is a rather important +bug which needs to be resolved. + +KISS doesn't lock you into a single provider for Audio and an ALSA only system +is typically what users go for. An issue with Flatpak arises where any Flatpaks +without support for ALSA will refuse to output sound. + +Using something like apulse to solve the issue isn't possible as apulse would +have to live _inside_ the Flatpak (and not on the host). Flatpak also expects +a functional PulseAudio server to be running on the host. + +Most Flatpaks will still function correctly without working audio. What's funny +is that one of the Flatpaks which crashes on startup (due to no audio) is +LibreOffice(!). + +I'm exploring a number of solutions to this problem and I hope to have some kind +of working fix soon. If anyone knows more or has tried to solve this problem +themselves, please get in touch. + +Source: + + + +KISS PORTED TO i586 + +KISS has been ported to i586 by a user. The author of the port can explain +things better than I: + +> I found this machine and would have probably thrown it away, but I decided +> to wrap my head around porting KISS to another architecture and show this old +> metal some love. + +> Xserver, ffmpeg + mpv and webkit2gtk are running. Webkit2gtk takes more than +> overnight to compile :D . Gcc takes ~6h. + +> I have released a chroot in my repo. Its still WIP! + +Source: + +<a href=""><picture> + <img src="" alt="kiss i586"> +</picture></a> + + + +USER REPOSITORY FOR DBUS and friends. + +A user by the name of Perish has created a KISS repository which provides dbus +and any related software with the goal to also provide Bluez for working +Bluetooth support. + +Any KISS user can simply clone this repository, add it to their `KISS_PATH` and +install dbus (eventually Bluez too). + +Source: + + +USER REPOSITORY for OPENJDK and friends + +Another user repository (with a specific purpose) has popped up. This time by +a user named Eudaldgr and with the aim to provide working versions of openjdk. + +OpenJDK still requires some work before it can be built and the repository is +looking for contributors to assist in this method. If you're interested, +check it out. + +Source: + + + Dylan + +---- + +Dylan Araps (83): + libva: nitpick + ssh: Run keygen on post-install + libressl: Use curl + gtk+3: bump to 3.24.16 + gtk+2: Faster builds + kiss: bump to 1.10.0 + gcc: bump to latest snapshot + python: Re-add CFLAGS as clang (as of 10.0.0) supports it + ccache: bump to 3.7.9 + kiss: bump to 1.10.1 + samurai: bump to 1.1 + meson: bump to 0.54.0 + xorg-server: bump to 1.20.8 + kiss: bump to 1.10.2 + atk: bump to 2.36.0 + bison: bump to 3.5.4 + cmake: bump to 3.17.1 + dhcpcd: bump to 9.0.1 + glib: bump to 2.64.2 + gtk+3: bump to 3.24.18 + libdrm: bump to 2.4.101 + libva: bump to 2.7.0 + libva-utils: bump to 2.7.1 + mesa: bump to 20.0.4 + libinput: bump to 1.15.5 + busybox: Add modprobe patch + git: bump to 2.26.1 + xorgproto: bump to 2020.1 + nodejs: bump to 13.13.0 + kiss: bump to 1.10.3 + busybox: Enable mkswap + cbindgen: bump to 0.14.1 + firefox: bump to 68.7.0esr + libressl: Fix typo. Closes #181 + libressl: Fix checksums + alsa-utils: Fix udev dir + freetype-harfbuzz: Bump to 2.10.1+2.6.5 + busybox: Fix unicode display bug + xz: Disable nls + alsa-utils: Disable nls + fontconfig: Disable nls + gnupg1: Disable nls + xkeyboard-config: Disable nls + kiss: bump to 1.11.0 + kiss: bump to 1.11.1 + pixman: bump to 0.40.0 + kiss: bump to 1.11.2 + firefox: Enable webrtc in builds + firefox-bin: bump to 68.7.0esr + libva: bump to 2.7.1 + git: bump to 2.26.2 + python2: bump to 2.7.18 + dhcpcd: bump to 9.0.2 + node: bump to 14.0.0 + busybox: Fix broken install command + mesa: bump to 20.0.5 + bzip2: Saner build + glib: bundle json-glib + glib: Fix build when not installed prior. Closes #184 + tzdata: bump to 2020a + rust: bump to 1.43.0 + dhcpcd: Drop privsepuser auto detection + kiss: bump to 1.12.0 + binutils: Enable gold/lto + rsync: Move to extra + xz: fix source + kiss: bump to 1.12.1 + gzip: add zcat + busybox: Enabled MODUTILS stuff + imagemagick: Drop size to 6MB + imagemagick: bump to 7.0.10-3 + imagemagick: bump to 7.0.10-6 + shellcheck-bin: bump to 0.7.1 + nano: bump to 4.9.2 + htop: Fix build with GCC 10. Closes #642 + i3: Drop from community. Closes #618 + harfbuzz-icu: Bump to 2.6.5 + intel-media-driver: bump to 20.1.1 + imagemagick: bump to 7.0.10-7 + bash: bump to 5.0.p17 + imagemagick: bump to 7.0.10-8 + +Adam Schaefers (8): + mksh: bump version to 58 (#610) + Iproute2: bump to 5.6.0 (#650) + strace: bump to 5.6 (#649) + gnutls: new maintainer (#648) + openvpn: bump to 2.4.9 (#700) + gnutls: bump to 3.6.13 (#699) + mksh: bump to R59 (#698) + gawk: bump to 5.1.0 (#697) + +Anirudh Oppiliappan (1): + radare2: bump to 4.4.0 (#710) + +Artem Kobets (1): + man-pages: update to 5.06 (#660) + +Ben Cornett (1): + vmwh: drop patches (#676) + +Camille (19): + micro: new package at 2.0.2 (#628) + glm: new package at (#634) + slop: new package at 7.4 (#635) + pcre2: new package at 10.34 (#625) + gnuplot: new package at 5.2.8 (#630) + maim: new package at 5.5.3 (#636) + alsa-plugins: new package at 1.2.2 (#637) + dsp: new package at 1.6 (#639) + ncmpcpp: new package at 0.8.2 (#627) + ladspa: new package at 1.15 (#638) + mpdas: new package at 0.4.5 (#629) + ppp: new package at 2.4.8 (#655) + pptp: new package at 1.10.0 (#632) + freerdp: new package at 2.0.0-rc4 (#633) + fish: new package at 3.1.0 (#626) + slop: update to 7.5 (#668) + maim: update to 5.6.3 (#669) + mpdas: add service file (#691) + mpdas: hide service file output (#694) + +Cem Keylan (16): + lazygit: remove package (#592) + webkit2gtk: bump to 2.28.0 (#593) + glib-networking: bump to 2.64.1 (#608) + Change maintainer mail (#616) + webkit2gtk: bump to 2.28.1 (#664) + mpd: bump to 0.21.22 (#644) + ruby: bump to 2.7.1 (#622) + glib-networking: bump to 2.64.2 (#657) + ubase: add illiliti's mount patch (#671) + mpd: provide service files. Resolves #646 (#687) + sysmgr: bump to 0.3.0 (#688) + mpd: fix faulty service file (#690) + sent: add new package at 1 to community (#696) + libsoup: build with glib-networking (#715) + mpd: bump to 0.21.23 (#721) + webkit2gtk: bump to 2.28.2 (#727) + +Cliford Sab (3): + berry: drop from community (#619) + xbacklight: drop from community (#620) + nnn: bump to 3.1 (#685) + +Cédric (6): + Update poppler to 0.87.0 (#607) + Trailing space removed from version (#612) + Girara: update email address of maintainer (#611) + msmtp: update to version 1.8.8 (#706) + tdm: update email of maintainer (#705) + fdm: update email of maintainer (#704) + +Dilyn Corner (5): + Iosevka nerd fonts (#614) + Qt5 bump (#621) + Fixes Falkon looking in the wrong directory for Qt resources. (#665) + extra-cmake-modules bumped to 5.69.0 (#666) + Removed unzip from build script (#679) + +Eudald Gubert i Roldan (3): + font-awesome: splitted into font-awesome-{ttf,otf} (#624) + surf: new package at 2.0 (#681) + zzz: new package at 1? (#683) + +Jonathan Dahan (1): + osh: bump to 0.8.pre3 (#600) + +Kiëd Llaentenn (3): + ripgrep: update v12.0.0 => v12.0.1 (#673) + tokei: update v11.0.0 => v11.1.0 (#675) + rage: update v0.3.1 => v0.4.0 (#674) + +Kris Heck (5): + netsurf, perl-html-parser, perl-html-tagset: drop (#601) + wireguard-tools: new package at 1.0.20200319 (#678) + wireguard-tools: remove unnecessary build flags (#682) + tor: add runit service (#720) + tor: move /usr/etc/tor to /etc/tor (#726) + +M. Herdiansyah (5): + weechat: remove pkg (#598) + feh: update to 3.4 (#661) + lvm2: update to 2.03.09 (#662) + go: update to 1.14.2 (#663) + unifont: update to 13.0.01 (#640) + +Michael Ablassmeier (3): + add entr to community repo (#680) + add pv to community repository (#686) + add tcpdump and needed libpcap dependency (#689) + +Timothy Robert Bednarzyk (12): + libusb: new package at 1.0.23 (#605) + bdwgc: new package at 8.0.4 (#603) + w3m: new package at v0.5.3+git20190105 (#604) + usbutils: new package at v012 (#606) + ccls: new package at 0.20190823.5 (#623) + usbutils: add eudev to depends, remove make requirement for bash (#654) + libusb: add depends file with eudev dependency (#653) + w3m: change version to 0.5.3 (#617) + libfuse: new package at 3.9.1 (#701) + fuse: new package at 3.9.1 (#708) + sshfs: new package at 3.7.0 (#702) + fuse: set udevrulesdir for non-udev systems (#717) + +ax (9): + Numlockx: new package at 1.2 (#591) + Libuv: new package at 1.35.0 (#589) + Btrfs-progs: bump to 5.6 and depends change (#684) + Giblib: new package at 1.2.4 (#595) + Scrot: new package at 0.8 (#596) + Bind utils: new package at 9.17.0 (#590) + ranger: new package at 1.9.3 (#692) + Giblib: sources and checksums issue (#711) + Giblib: checksums problem (#713) + +penguin-ff (1): + mutt: update to 1.13.5 (#641) + +periish (3): + Fixed --sysconfdir in nano build options. Now set to /etc. (#718) + New package: fzf (#719) + Added sx + +sdsddsd1 (1): + wyebadblock: new package at git-version (#728) + diff --git a/wiki/Archive/Blog/20200509a/index.txt b/wiki/Archive/Blog/20200509a/index.txt @@ -0,0 +1,20 @@ +Subject KISS turns 1! +From Dylan Araps &lt;; +Date Tue, 25 Apr 2020 12:07:09 +0100 + +Hello everyone! + +Today marks one year since the first commit to the KISS repositories. +In other words, KISS turned 1 today! I'll write more about this in my +monthly post in the coming two to three weeks. + +I'd like to thank everyone for their continued support. I hope you're +all getting as much out of KISS as I am. Onwards to two years! + + commit 0cda243d535f11e7c26b9182bc63e425deb5ba45 + Author: Dylan Araps <> + Date: Thu May 9 09:46:50 2019 +0300 + + new package manager experiment + +Dylan diff --git a/wiki/Archive/Blog/20200525a/index.txt b/wiki/Archive/Blog/20200525a/index.txt @@ -0,0 +1,737 @@ +Subject This month in KISS (#2)! +From Dylan Araps &lt;; +Date Mon, 25 May 2020 07:07:09 +0100 + +Welcome to the second monthly update for KISS. This post will be +quite a long one, we've seen some nice changes this month and some +great work by the Community. + +KISS turned one year old between this blog post and the last! A +whole year has gone by since I first started working on this +distribution. Crazy! + +Thank you to everyone involved. + +- Dylan + + +KISS TURNS ONE YEAR OLD + +It has now been a year since I started working on KISS. The idea for +the package format/system came to me in a dream the night before and +I started work the next morning. + +Here's the first commit to the project: + ++-------------------------------------------------+ +| commit 0cda243d535f11e7c26b9182bc63e425deb5ba45 | +| Author: Dylan Araps &lt;; | +| Date: Thu May 9 09:46:50 2019 +0300 | +| | +| new package manager experiment | ++-------------------------------------------------+ + +While KISS just turned a year old, the first install to hardware and +the swap from developing something theoretical to something "real" +happened only 3-4 months later (mid August). + +A lot of work went into the development of the distribution, here's +some numbers (taken from Git) to summarise the year. Once again... +A huge thank you to those involved.. + ++--------------------------------------+ +| Summary of commits | ++-----------------------+--------------+ +| Official repositories | 2855 commits | +| Community repository | 1416 commits | +| Package manager | 1115 commits | +| Init base | 181 commits | +| Website | 1883 commits | ++-----------------------+--------------+ +| Total: | 7480 commits | ++-----------------------+--------------+ + +The official repositories have actually shrunk in size over time as +we've painstakingly reduced the requirements for the base system. +Over this past year, we've dropped file, fakeroot, rsync, autoconf, +automake, libtool, atk-bridge-fake, ca-certificates (certs are +handled differently) and many more. + +Over this year I expect we'll be able to drop Python 2 and GTK+2. +These are only required by Firefox during the build process (not at +runtime). Python 2 is still required for the build system and GTK+2 +for Flash support (can't _yet_ be disabled...). + ++-----------------------+--------------+ +| Summary of total packages | ++-----------------------+--------------+ +| Official repositories | 164 packages | +| Community repository | 299 packages | +| User repositories | ??? packages | ++-----------------------+--------------+ +| Total: | 463 packages | ++-----------------------+--------------+ + +The distribution has seen a heap of contributions from people all +over the globe. The total number of contributors for the year is 64! +As for how many users KISS has... I have no idea! + +No data is collected whatsoever (and it will forever stay this way). +I'll never know traffic statistics for this website either! I can't +be running around the net with Ublock Origin/Umatrix while at the +same time tracking users. It's not right! + ++--------------------------------------------------------------+ +| Summary of contributors | ++---------+----------------------------------------------------+ +| Commits | Author | ++---------+----------------------------------------------------+ +| 6272 | Dylan Araps | +| 299 | Muhammad Herdiansyah | +| 274 | Adam Schaefers | +| 90 | Cem Keylan | +| | | +| 25-50 | Kris Heck, Dilyn Corner, Aaron G, Tadeo Kondrak, | +| | Camille, Cédric, Owen Rafferty, Sebastian Ertz | +| | | +| 10-25 | tristelune1, ax, Adam Laughlin, | +| | Eudald Gubert i Roldan, Timothy Robert, Bednarzyk, | +| | Artem Kobets, Martin Schmidt, Kiëd Llaentenn, | +| | Cliford Sab | +| | | +| 3-10 | periish, penguin-ff, Will Eccles, | +| | Anirudh Oppiliappan, Noah Altunian, James Davies, | +| | Stefan Fransen, djt3, Toby Merz. | +| | Niko Tidar Lantang Perkasa, Matthew W, | +| | Jonathan Dahan, Bridouz, sdsddsd1, dzove855, | +| | Michael Ablassmeier, Ethan Sommer, illiliti, | +| | electimon, Phillip L, Jack Clarke | +| | | +| 2 | p410n3, logo4poop, fanboimsft, bit6tream, | +| | Kim Ausloos, Devon Morris, Ben Cornett, | +| | 6ZMQa2ND2KwrX2Z8JZcRzyQgDjP38g8V2BdX7NX | +| | | +| 1 | spiralofhope, dithpri, Ross, Pedro Alves, | +| | Notnaton, Michael Czigler, Luca, Jordan Dalcq, | +| | Ishimoto Shinobu, Himmalerin, Dzogovic Vehbo, | +| | Caio Novais, Andrew Titmuss | +| | | ++---------+----------------------------------------------------+ + + +WEBSITE + +The website layout has been slightly changed to add a navigational +sidebar which follows you as you scroll. The top navigation links +became too messy as new pages were been added this month. + +A "Community" page has been added to document and list notable +projects, repositories and software by members of the community. + + - + +A "Ports" page has been added to make known the existence of +various ports of KISS to other architectures. + + - + +A "Package Manager" page has been added to document the package +manager, how its configured, its dependencies, etc. This will grow +over the next month to include a FAQ and more information. + + - + +A new 404 page was added, new screenshots were added and countless +minor changes have been made throughout the website as well. + + +NEW BUILD SYSTEM + +A user of KISS has made an incredible donation. An entire system! +This system will be put to use as a build machine and will allow me +to spend less time building packages and more time working on other +things. + +The system is currently in transit and is set to arrive on the 2nd +of June (though I have a feeling it will get here sooner). + +The specifications are as follows: + + 1) Gygabyte Aorus Pro z390 mITX in a NZXT case + 2) Intel 9900K cpu (8 core /16 threads) + 3) 32gb 3000mhz ram + 4) 240mm NZXT cpu water cooler + 5) 2 x 500gb Samsung m2 nvme 970 Pros + 6) AMD R9 Nano + +I can't even begin to thank this person enough for their contribution. +It's such an amazing gesture and I will never forget it. The system +even comes pre-installed with KISS! + + +PACKAGE MANAGER + +This month saw multiple package manager releases (including a 2.0 +bump). This includes bug fixes, features, portability changes, etc. +This comes to a total of 200~ or so commits for this month. + +All known portability issues have been resolved. The package manager +should now be usable with any POSIX compliant coreutils, tar, etc. +Thanks to Ethan Sommer, Michael Forney, Crestwave, illiliti and +others. + +* The package manager can now be used entirely rootless. Simply set + '$KISS_ROOT' to somewhere writable by your user and packages will + be installed to this directory instead of the default '/'. + + '$KISS_ROOT/usr/bin' can be added to '$PATH' to make the user + installed software transparently usable. + +* Privilege escalation (for installation/removal) now uses a strict + environment instead of a partially inherited one. This prevents + unwanted environment leakage from user to user. + +* Post installation messages are now logged (to a file) and queued by + the package manager. The output from all post-install hooks is + displayed right at the end to prevent it being lost in the endless + scroll of terminal output. + +* Tar commands have been reduced to the simplest (and most portable) + usage possible. The package manager now uses only 'tar cf', + 'tar tf' and 'tar xf'. + + The tar command has no real standard and the arguments we were + using weren't portable. POSIX does specify 'pax' though it isn't in + wide use (at least on Linux based systems).. + + The last blocker was '--strip-components 1' which proved tricky to + get rid of. The package manager now includes a shell implementation + of this which does the equivalent post-extraction. + +* All usage of 'readelf' (non-portable) has been replaced with POSIX + 'od'. The readelf command was used to identify the ELF type so that + we can properly strip each binary. We now use 'od' to read the + first N bytes of the file to identify the ELF type from the ELF + headers ourselves. + + Other distributions typically use the 'file' command for this + though I'd much rather we use the tools we already have at our + disposal (instead of adding another dependency and package to the + repositories). + +* All usage of 'stat' (non-portable) has been replaced with 'ls -ld'. + Using ls here is fine as POSIX specifies the output, we can + properly split it into fields and what we extract isn't subject to + the usual disconnect between real/display representation of the + information (file names). + +* All usage of 'readlink' (non-portable) has been replaced with a + simple 'cd -P'. All we need to resolve is the path symlink so we + can avoid resolving the file symlink entirely. + +* All usage of 'install' has been replaced with basic POSIX + utilities. While this command isn't POSIX, it is a part of the BSD + standard. Despite this fact, if we can limit ourselves to POSIX + we should make efforts to do so. + +* All usage of '--strip-unneeded' has been dropped from 'strip'. While + strip has a POSIX specification, it doesn't specify any arguments + at all. This makes our strip usage compatible with the following + implementations: binutils, elfutils, elftoolchain, llvm, etc. + +* Our sha256 checksum generation has been made as portable as + possible. To my surprise, there's no standard for this command at + all. Instead, a function has been created which wraps around 5 or + so sha256 generation tools and "unifies" their output. Support + includes sha256sum, shasum, sha256, openssl and digest. + +* Build files now receive a second argument ('$2') which contains the + version of the package to be built. + +* Binary stripping is now more aggressive thanks to research to + discern the maximum we can strip from each type of ELF file without + causing any breakages. You should see smaller binaries as a result. + +* Added support for uncompressed tar archives (.tar) to package + sources. I haven't come across this in the wild yet though it was + only a one line addition. + +* Added support for packages without sources (what I call + meta-packages). This allows users to create "empty" packages and + opens up more use-cases for system management. + +* Added Git submodule support to repositories. Users can now create + "meta-repositories" containing multiple repositories. + Example: + +* Added LZMA and LZIP support to package sources and built package + tarballs. + +* Added support for .txz files to package sources. + +* Added '$KISS_NOPROMPT' (set to '1' to enable) to automatically say + "yes" to all package manager prompts. This is handy for scripting + purposes. + +* Added '$KISS_COLOR' (set to '0' to disable) to turn off colors in + the package manager's output. + +* Added '$KISS_TMPDIR' to allow the build, extraction and package + cache directory locations to be moved. The main use-case for this + is to do builds in memory (for a speed up). + +* Added a default 'post-build' hook which will run when '$KISS_HOOK' + is unset. This default removes various unneeded directories from + packages. + +* The dependencies on 'ldd' and 'strip' have been made optional. If + absent, the dependency fixer and binary stripping will be disabled + respectively. + +* kiss-outdated has seen changes to make usage easier for those + maintaining their own repositories. It will now use 'KISS_PATH' + instead of the installed package list. + +* kiss-chroot will now automatically mount efivars if available. + +* kiss-chbuild will now verify the checksums of the downloaded + tarball. A few bugs were fixed as well. + +* kiss-size and other kiss-* utilities were rewritten to be POSIX + compliant. + +* The package manager will no longer automatically use GNU grep if + available. Instead, the alternatives system should be used. + (kiss a gnugrep /usr/bin/grep) + +* '$KISS_ROOT' will now use the host's package manager cache. Cached + package binary tarballs, cached sources, etc are now directly + available in "sub-roots" instead of them using fresh ones. + + +INIT BASE + +The init base has seen a large number of bug fixes, changes and +portability adjustments. For those unaware, KISS optionally includes +a package called 'baseinit' which acts as a portable base between +init systems. + +This project is very much Linux-only for obvious reasons. Portability +here means a slightly different thing, the ability to use any init +system, service manager, device manager, coreutils, etc, etc. + +* Removed usage of the 'mountpoint' command and replaced it with a + shell implementation based around '/proc/mounts'. + +* All init messages will now appear in 'dmesg'. The boot process is + usually too quick for the messages to be read (1s on this machine). + +* Filesystems which are already mounted prior to boot (by an + initramfs for example) will now be remounted (with our options) + instead of ignored. + +* The seeding of random has been rewritten from scratch with a long + rationale and behind the implementation. There's a lot of + conflicting information regarding this and it's difficult to get + right (despite being quite simple in the end). + +* The boot process should now be faster for users of eudev as we now + do less during boot. + +* Encryption support has been removed from the baseinit project and + is now maintained by the Community. I don't personally use + encryption (for my system drives) so it was difficult for me to + maintain the code, ensure it works and most importantly... test it. + + It's now in very good hands. The user in charge cares deeply about + the boot process and has contributed many of the fixes I have + written in this post today. + + This same user also maintains 'tinyramfs' which is a portable + initramfs generator written in POSIX shell. + + See: + + +* Packages now have the ability to hook into the boot process. This + allows the split encryption support to work and I hope to see + similar projects pop up in the future. + +* The 'rc.conf' file is now read as early as possible in the boot + process. This allows for custom PATHs to be set among other things. + + +FIREFOX + +The 'firefox' and 'firefox-bin' packages now follow the regular +releases instead of the ESR (Extended Support Releases) The +'firefox-esr' and 'firefox-esr-bin' packages have been added to +track Firefox ESR in addition. + +Users now have a choice between the two Firefox versions. Latest +with new changes every month and the ESR with new changes once a +year + monthly security fixes. + +Our regular Firefox package now requires only a single patch! The +patches to fix various musl issues were accepted upstream thanks to +the work by Michael Forney. + + +DESKTOP ENVIRONMENTS + +Two desktop environments (XFCE4 and KDE) have been ported to KISS by +members of the Community. This is a huge effort and it's really nice +to see projects of this scale popping up. + +Source: +Source: + + +REPOSITORIES + +This is the full Git log with merge commits removed for the official +repositories and Community. This is simply 'git shortlog' from two +Git repositories merged together. + +For a much better look at the state of package versions and for what +is available in the repositories, see: + +- Official: +- Community: + +--- + + Dylan Araps (171): + kiss: bump to 1.12.2 + eiwd: Add runit service + meson: bump to 0.54.1 + xf86-video-intel: Bump to latest commit + linux-headers: Drop rsync + git: install manual pages + xfsprogs: bump to 5.6.0 + xfsprogs: Reduce long line + bzip2: Revert to prior build method + st: bump to 0.8.3 + doas: Install config with 644 + gtk+3: bump to 3.24.20 + tzdata: Fix sbindir + opendoas: Use 600 for config file + opendoas: bump rel + dhcpcd: Fix bug with privsep value + cmake: bump to 3.17.2 + baseinit: bump to 0.7.4 + ccache: Drop clang (for now) + kiss: bump to 1.12.3 + curl: bump to 7.70.0 + bison: bump to 3.5.91 + nodejs: Bump to 14.1.0 + mesa: bump to 20.0.6 + bison: revert to previous version (was beta) + gcc [testing]: Latest snapshot + rust: Move latest to testing + cbindgen: bump to 0.14.2 + gcc: Fix broken LTO symlink + gtk+3: Minor fixes + various: Add linux-headers (make) dependencies. + openssh: Clean up post-install file + rust: Fix white-space + e2fsprogs: Fix depends + various: Fix trailing white-space + busybox: Drop halt as it is not portable across inits + xkeyboard-config: Fix checksums. Closes #186 + readme: Fix broken links + vim: Disable nls + ffmpeg: various changes. + llvm: Remove leftover shell + firefox-esr: New package at 68.8.0esr + kiss: bump to 1.13.0 + firefox: bump to 76.0 + rust: bump to 1.43.0 + rust: move from testing + nodejs: bump to 14.2.0 + firefox: Simpler build process + firefox: further tweaks + firefox: drop V=0 + gcc [testing]: bump to latest snapshot + firefox: Disable DOH + firefox-esr-bin: New package at 68.8.0esr + firefox-bin: bump to 76.0 + firefox: build tweaks + libogg: Fix sources + libvorbis: Fix source. + kiss: bump to 1.13.1 + kiss: bump to 1.13.2 + plzip: new package at 1.8 + kiss: bump to 1.13.3 + gcc: bump to 10.1.0 + testing: Move gcc to core + kiss: bump to 1.13.4 + kiss: bimp to 1.13.5 + sudo: Disable nls + dhcpcd: Move files to /usr/lib/dhcpcd + rust: bump to 1.43.1 + git: Install files to /usr/lib/git-core + sudo: minor fixes + libinput: Install files to /usr/lib/libinput + gcc: minor tweaks + clang: Fix libexec directory location + openssh: Fix libexec location + gnupg1: Fix libexec location + firefox: bump to 76.0.1 + gcc: Fix LTO location + mesa: Drop -fcommon + bison: bump to 3.6 + xf86-video-intel: Drop -fcommon + firefox-bin: bump to 76.0.1 + freetype-harfbuzz: bump to 2.10.2+2.6.5 + bison: bump to 3.6.1 + binutils: Use /lib + gcc: Skip bootstrap if we are able + various: Delete info pages. + libwebp: Fix source + gtk+3: Remove unneeded files + glib,meson: Remove unneeded files + freetype-harfbuzz: bump to 2.10.2+2.6.6 + baselayout: Drop unneeded depends + sudo: bump to 1.9.0 + kiss: bump to 2.0.0 + kiss: bump to 2.0.1 + kiss: bump to 2.0.2 + kiss: bump to 2.0.3 + opendoas: Fix config + xfsprogs: Fix build when bash isn't installed. + python: bump to 3.8.3 + mesa: bump to 20.0.7 + libressl: bump to 3.1.1 + git: bump rel for libressl + various: Drop unneeded rm + glib: Remove unneeded rm + meson: drop unneeded rm + gtk+3: Remove unneeded rm + meson: bump to 0.54.2 + gcc: unhardcode version + curl: drop duplicate configure flag + libressl: Remove useless comment from + libressl: Fix checksums. Closes #191 + grub: Drop non-posix -a flag + busybox: Move mkdir to build file + kiss: bump to 2.0.5 + various: Minor fixes + bison: bump to 3.6.2 + libressl: Better curl command + rust: Update for libressl 3.1.1 + libXext: Fix depends + kiss: bump to 2.0.6 + opendoas: Update config file + sudo: Added post-install message + baseinit: bump to 1.0 + busybox: Use sha256 as default password algo. + kiss: bump to 2.0.7 + baseinit: bump to 1.0.1' + baseinit: Added post-install message + baseinit: bump to 1.0.2 + xf86-input-libinput: bump to 0.30.0 + musl: Add getent + nodejs: bump to 14.3.0 + glib: bump to 2.64.3 + util-linux: bump to 2.35.2 + libressl: bump to 3.1.2 + ffmpeg: bump to 4.2.3 + zstd: bump to 1.4.5 + sqlite: bump to 3.32.0 + kiss: bump to 2.1.0 + pkgconf: bump to 1.7.0 + kiss: bump to 2.1.1 + python: Add back 2to3 + kiss: bump to 2.1.2 + libXrandr: Fix depends + imagemagick: bump to 7.0.10-8 + imagemagick: bump to 7.0.10-9 + libtool: Fix depends + giblib: Fix checksums. Closes #712 + imagemagick: bump to 7.0.10-10 + icu: bump to 67.1 + cython: bump to 0.29.17 + xwallpaper: bump to 0.6.5 + transmission: Renamed from -daemon. Closes #695 + weechat,torsocks,transmission-daemon*: removals + youtube-dl: bump to 2020.05.03 + openbox: Move files to /usr/lib/openbox + youtube-dl: bump to 2020.05.08 + imagemagick: bump to 7.0.10-11 + harfbuzz-icu: bump to 2.6.6 + neovim: Fix build. Closes #803 + various: bumps for libressl + ethtool: bump to 5.6 + transmission: bump to 3.00 + sfeed: bump to 0.9.17 + libmupdf: bump to 1.17.0 + imagemagick: bump to 7.0.10-12 + zathura-pdf-mupdf: Fix build with mupdf 1.17 + imagemagick: bump to 7.0.10-13 + cython: bump to 0.29.18 + cython: bump to 0.29.19 + imagemagick: bump to 7.0.10-14 + + 6ZMQa2ND2KwrX2Z8JZcRzyQgDjP38g8V2BdX7NX (2): + torsocks: new package at 2.3.0 + weechat: new package at 2.8 + + Aaron G (3): + socat: bump release (rebuild for libressl) + oed: update to 6.7 + oksh: new package at 6.7 + + Adam Schaefers (5): + readline: fix linking issue, closes #734 + nettle: bump to 3.6 + nettle: remove autoconf automake depends + libcap: bump to 2.34 + mksh: bump to R59b + + Artem Kobets (2): + xmlsec1: update to 1.2.30 + xmlsec1: bump release + + Bridouz (1): + syncthing: update to 1.4.2 + + Camille (11): + fish: update to version 3.1.2 + freerdp: update to 2.0.0 + slop: use included glm + pcre2: update to 10.35 + freerdp: update to 2.1.0 + caddy: new package at 2.0.0 + lilo: new package at 24.2 + lilo: some fixes from gentoo + goimport: new package at git + golangci-lint-bin: new package at 1.27.0 + caddy: fix service file + + Cem Keylan (17): + bkeymaps: add colemak + webkit2gtk: bump release number + libps: bump release number + boost: bump to 1.73.0 + sinit: bump to 1.1 + webkit2gtk: full fledged build + mpd-libmpdclient: fix circular dependency + gstreamer gst-plugins: add missing dependencies + 9base: prefix change, source change, and fixes + sbase: do not unlink tar + libedit: add new package at 20191231-3.1 + glib-networking: bump release number + ruby: bump release number + sbase: apply patch for dashless tar usage + distcc: add new package at 3.3.3 + distcc: docstring + boost: add missing linux-headers dependency + + Cédric (10): + zathura: file dependency added + msmtp: update to version 1.8.10 + poppler: update to version 0.88.0:w + poppler: option DENABLE-CPP=ON for cups-filters + qpdf: new package at 10.0.1 + ghostscript: new package at version 9.52 + cups: new package at 2.3.3 + cups-filters: new package at 1.27.4 + cups-filters: dependency dejavu-ttf removed + zathura: fix issue 838 + + Devon Morris (2): + zsh: new package at 5.8 + mit-scheme: new package at 10.1.10 + + Dilyn Corner (7): + qt5-declarative requires python to make + falkon: Fix issue with qmake + extra-cmake-modules bumped to 5.70.0 + lz4 added at 1.9.2 + qt5-webengine build fix for GCC 10 + qt5{-webengine} updated deps + Falkon fix v2 + + Eudald Gubert i Roldan (3): + ledger: bump to 3.2.0 + dejavu-ttf: new package at 2.37 + ledger: bump to 3.2.1 + + Himmalerin (1): + mercurial: new package at 5.4 + + James Davies (1): + Update qemu + + Jonathan Dahan (1): + osh: bump to 0.8.pre4 + + Kiëd Llaentenn (3): + fd: update to v8.0.0 + tokei: update to v11.1.1 + ripgrep: update v12.0.1 to v12.1.0 + + Kris Heck (4): + wireguard-tools: bump to 1.0.20200510 + tor: bump release for libressl + tor: bump to + wireguard-tools: bump to 1.0.20200513 + + M. Herdiansyah (10): + picom: update to 8 + tmux: update to 3.1a + json-c: update to 0.14 + cryptsetup: update to 2.3.2 + irssi: bump rel + go: update to 1.14.3 + tmux: update to 3.1b + unifont: update to 13.0.02 + libarchive: update to 3.4.3 + libexif: update to 0.6.22 + + Michael Ablassmeier (1): + entr: bump version to 4.5 + + Michael Czigler (1): + scroll: new package at 0.1 + + Timothy Robert Bednarzyk (3): + gocloc: new package at 0.3.3 + ccls: bump to version 20190823.6 + w3m: bump release (rebuild for libressl) + + bit6tream (2): + bitfetch: new package at 2.3 + bitfetch: bump to 3.0 + + djt3 (6): + curlpp: new package at 0.8.1 + tuitube: new package at 0.1.2 + tuitube: change to git release + tuitube: bump relative version + tuitube: bump relative version to 3 + tuitube: bump relative version to 4 + + illiliti (1): + kiss-encryption: new package at git 1 + + penguin-ff (3): + cyrus-sasl: bump release for libressl + mutt: update to 1.14.1 + cyrus-sasl: install to /usr/bin + + periish (2): + Remove package wmutils-core, create package wmutils. + nss: update to 3.5.1 + + sdsddsd1 (2): + wyeb: new version at git + sdl2: add missing linux-headers dependency + + +--- + +Until next time, + +Dylan diff --git a/wiki/Archive/Blog/20200625a/index.txt b/wiki/Archive/Blog/20200625a/index.txt @@ -0,0 +1,502 @@ +Subject This month in KISS (#3)! +From Dylan Araps &lt;; +Date Mon, 25 Jun 2020 11:07:09 +0100 + +Welcome to the third monthly update for KISS Linux. The focus this month was on +documentation and the reopening of the distribution's Wiki. A big thank you to +those filling the Wiki with words. + +The first thing you may notice is the website's new overall look. The new Wiki +demanded features be added to the static site generator and the website also +reaped these rewards. + + +[0.0] Index +________________________________________________________________________________ + +- A new logo appears! [1.0] +- Website changes [2.0] +- New Wiki [3.0] +- kiss help [4.0] +- Package manager changes [5.0] +- Package manager in C? [6.0] +- The build machine has arrived [7.0] +- KDE comes to KISS [8.0] +- LXQT comes to KISS [9.0] +- KISS has been ported to ARMV7 [10.0] +- Commit log for repositories [11.0] + + +[1.0] A new logo appears! +________________________________________________________________________________ + +KISS now has a "real" logo. The idea came to me as I was writing new pages for +the website. I'm very pleased with how it turned out. It can be displayed as an +image (TBA) or simply as ASCII text (as seen below). + ++------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ +| | +| | +| |/ | +| |\ISS | +| | +| An independent Linux(R) distribution with a focus on | +| simplicity and the concept of less is more. | +| | +| | ++------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ ++---------+ +----+ +--------+ +| | +-------------+ |/ | |/ | | | |/ +| |/ | |/ | |/ | |\ISS LINUX | |\ | | |/ | |\ISS +| |\ISS | |\ISS | |\ISS LINUX | +----+ | |\ | _____ +| | +-------------+ |/ |/ | | ++---------+ |\ISS Linux |\ +--------+ + +This text based representation of the logo also enables its usage in terminals, +plain-text email and well... anywhere that text is available. + + +[2.0] Website changes +________________________________________________________________________________ + +Every page on the website now uses a uniform line length (80 characters) which +is far wider than the myriad of lengths used prior. The static website generator +now supports hyperlinks via a minimal syntax as well as linking between two +elements. + +This linking allows for easy implementation of references as well as a table of +contents where needed. Best of all is that these are all simple 'sed' calls +during generation time. [0] + +Every page on the website has been rewritten to fit the aforementioned changes +and the reading experience should now be far more enjoyable. For those wondering +what the old website used to look like, see [1]. + +[0] $/kiss-community/website/blob/master/make#L5-L29 +[1] + + +[3.0] New Wiki +________________________________________________________________________________ + +The Wiki has reopened! SEE: #/wiki and #/wiki/help/about-this-wiki + ++------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ +| | +| _ _____ ___ ___ __ _____ _ _____ | +| | |/ /_ _/ __/ __\ \ \ / /_ _| |/ /_ _| | +| | ' < | |\__ \__ \ \ \/\/ / | || ' < | | | +| |_|\_\___|___/___/ \_/\_/ |___|_|\_\___| | +| | +| Welcome to the KISS WIKI. Documentation and information | +| about KISS and Linux in general. Written by the Community. | +| | +| | +| | +| .--------------------------------------------------------. | +| | | | +| | This wiki is incomplete, you can help by expanding it! | | +| | | .--. | +| '-------------------------------------------------------\\|o_o | | +| |:_/ | | +| Sources: $/kiss-community/wiki // \ \ | +| (| | ) | ++------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ + +I decided to close the old Wiki as it was difficult to work with, unstructured +and all over the place. This turned contributors away and its information began +to rot over time. [2] + +These issues have been solved in the rebirth and contributions have been steady +since its opening. I hope to see this become a bountiful resource for users of +KISS and beyond. + +Once again, a big thank you to everyone writing pages. + +[2] $/kiss-community/website/commit/62e3ed0e974b3eb5b636e7a91914992cd9ea62c8 + + +[4.0] kiss help +________________________________________________________________________________ + +The distribution's documentation is now browsable via a tiny utility included +with the package manager. The installation guide, FAQ, Wiki(!) and all other +documentation is also available by default. + ++------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ +| kiss-help utility | ++------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ +| | +| #!/bin/sh | +| # Read KISS documentation | +| | +| cd "$KISS_ROOT/usr/share/doc/kiss" 2>/dev/null || { | +| printf 'Documentation is missing from /usr/share/doc/kiss\n' | +| exit 1 | +| } | +| | +| [ -f "${1:-.}/index.txt" ] && file=./${1:-.}/index.txt | +| [ -f "${1:-.}.txt" ] && file=./${1:-.}.txt | +| [ -f "${1:-:}" ] && file=./${1:-.} | +| | +| "${PAGER:-less}" "${file:-404.txt}" | +| | ++------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ + +Usage of the above utility is as follows. + ++------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ +| | +| $ kiss help install # Installation guide . | +| $ kiss help package-manager # Package manager manual. | +| $ kiss help package-system # Package system documentation. | +| $ kiss help wiki/software/git # Wiki page. | +| $ kiss help wiki/software # Pages under software in the Wiki. | +| ... | +| | ++------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ + +This will open the desired page in the pager of your choosing ('less' by +default). This is configurable via the $PAGER environment variable. One can of +course browse the txt files in /usr/share/doc/kiss directly, this merely adds a +little sugar on top. + +For those wondering about disk space requirements, all documentation (including +the entire Wiki) come in at around 400K~ (for 50 pages of information). + + +[5.0] Package manager changes +________________________________________________________________________________ + +The package manager saw a few nice improvements and a range of bug fixes. + +* Added two new hooks ('post-package' and 'pre-extract'). The latter is nice as + it enables the package manager's cache to live entirely in memory. + See #/package-manager#6.0 and #/package-manager#6.3 + +* Handling of Git sources has been revamped with clones of all types now done in + a shallow manner (where supported). This includes default branch clones, + branch clones as well as clones of specific Git commits. + +* Package installation and removal have been simplified, code is now shared + between the two and /less/ is done overall. This comes with a nice performance + increase as less external utilities are used per-file. + +* Added a new action called 'download' (also aliased to 'd') which downloads + all sources for a package (or list of packages). This allows one to + pre-download all sources for non-networked builds later. + + +[6.0] Package manager in C? +________________________________________________________________________________ + +I have started work on an alternative implementation of the package manager +written in C (C99). This is where the majority of my time has been spent for the +past 12 days (Git stats: 269 commits, 22,954 ++ 21,029 --). + +Things are coming along nicely with package listing, package searching, +source downloads, checksum verification/generation and package builds in +working order. + +The goal is a single, statically linked executable with little to no reliance +on overall system health. In other words, a broken system shouldn't also break +the package manager. + +This implementation will eventually become the default package manager with the +current shell based one offered as an alternative. If all goes well, the new +package manager should be ready for early testing in a month or so. + +Source: $/dylanaraps/k + + +[7.0] The build machine has arrived +________________________________________________________________________________ + +The build machine donated by a very generous KISS user finally arrived this week +after a long stay at customs and countless phone calls back and forth. + +It is a beautifully made machine and it runs silently at full load. The system +even came with KISS installed! A thank you from the bottom of my heart for the +donation. I will never forget this. + +I finished setting it up just yesterday and it will be put to use as a build +machine (as mentioned in last month's post @/20200525a). It will additionally be +used as a test bed to explore the large number of ideas in my TODO list. + + +[8.0] KDE comes to KISS +________________________________________________________________________________ + +Dilyn Corner has successfully ported KDE to KISS! I mentioned this last month +though it only recently reached a usable state. This is wonderful to see! + +Source: $/dilyn-corner/KISS-kde + +<a href=""><img loading="lazy" src="" alt="KISS KDE"></a> + + +[9.0] LXQT comes to KISS +________________________________________________________________________________ + +This is still in its early stages though Eudald Gubert i Roldan has begun the +work in porting LXQT to KISS. + +Source: $/eudaldgr/kiss-repo/tree/master/lxqt + +<a href=""><img loading="lazy" src="" alt="KISS LXQT"></a> + + +[10.0] KISS has been ported to ARMV7 +________________________________________________________________________________ + +James Davies has ported KISS to ARMV7! James is also the creator of the AARCH64 +and PPC64LE ports. + +Source: + +(A full list of ports can be found here: #/wiki/community/ports) + + +[11.0] Commit log for repositories +________________________________________________________________________________ + +Dylan Araps (100): + cmake: bump to 3.17.3 + flex: Also provide lex + kiss: bump to 2.1.4 + x265: bump to 3.4 + util-linux: Fix source (cert exp) + xfsprogs: Fix source (cert exp) + git: fix sources (cert exp) + pkgconf: bump to 1.7.3 + busybox: Add ping6, traceroute, etc + busybox: Add ipv6 support to -suid stuff + dhcpcd: bump to 9.1.0 + firefox: Fix missing m4 make depend. Closes #196 + dhcpcd: Fix missing include + gcc: fix source (cert expr) + git: bump to 2.27.0 + perl: bump to 5.30.3 + libressl: bump to 3.2.0 + firefox-esr: bump to 68.9.0esr + firefox: bump to 77.0 + kiss: bump to 2.1.5 + rust: Fix build with libressl 3.2.X + nodejs: bump to 14.4.0 + firefox: sort depends + bison: bump to 3.6.3 + xkeyboard-config: bump to 2.30 + kiss: bump to 2.1.6 + firefox-esr-bin: bump to 68.9.0esr + firefox-bin: bump to 77.0 + firefox: bump to 77.0.1 + firefox-bin: bump to 77.0.1 + intel-vaapi-driver: bump to 2.4.1 + intel-vaapi-driver: Forgot to bump version + dhcpcd: bump to 9.1.1 + sqlite: bump to 3.32.2 + rust [testing]: bump to 1.44.0 + rust: bump to 1.44.0 + freetype-harfbuzz: bump to 2.10.2+2.6.7 + kiss: bump to 2.1.7 + musl: Fix incorrect symlink to + python2: Enable pip. + kiss: bump to 2.1.8 + liberation-fonts: bump to 2.1.1 + ccache: Add new message to post-install + kiss: bump to 2.1.9 + alsa-lib: bump to 1.2.3 + alsa-utils: bump to 1.2.3 + linux-headers: Bump to 5.4.45 + mesa: bump to 20.1.1 + kiss: bump to 3.0.0 + repo: Add README.txt + repo: Remove + repo: Move license to .txt + kiss: bump to 3.0.1 + kiss: bump to 3.0.2 + kiss: bump to 3.0.3 + kiss: bump docs + kiss: fix sources. Closes #197 + bison: bump to 3.6.4 + dhcpcd: bump to 9.1.2 + meson: bump to 0.54.3 + ffmpeg: bump to 4.3 + firefox: Use CC. Closes #198 + sqlite: bump to 3.32.3 + alsa-lib: bump to + sudo: bump to 1.9.1 + libinput: bump to 1.15.6 + st: bump to 0.8.4 + rsync: bump to 3.2.0 + glib: Also build static libraries + rust: bump to 1.44.1 + perl: bump to 5.32.0 + freetype-harfbuzz: bump to 2.10.2+2.6.8 + ccache: bump to 3.7.10 + rsync: bump to 3.2.1 + libjpeg-turbo: bump to 2.0.5 + curl: bump to 7.71.0 + cbindgen: bump to 0.14.3 + mesa: bump to 20.1.2 + kiss: bump to 3.0.4 + nano: bump to 4.9.3 + youtube-dl: bump to 2020.05.29 + imagemagick: bump to 7.0.10-15 + nano: Fix depends. closes #885 + imagemagick: bump to 7.0.10-16 + github: Update style guide link + ncdu: bump to 1.15 + youtube-dl: bump to 2020.06.06 + ethtool: bump to 5.7 + harfbuzz-icu: bump to 2.6.7 + imagemagick: bump to 7.0.10-17 + imagemagick: bump to 7.0.10-18 + cython: bump to 0.29.20 + gmp: Fix missing depend + docs: Swap to new README/LICENSE format + docs: Swap to new README/LICENSE format + imagemagick: bump to 7.0.10-19 + ncdu: bump to 1.15.1 + file: bump to 5.39 + youtube-dl: bump to 2020.06.16.1 + imagemagick: bump to 7.0.10-20 + harfbuzz-icu: bump to 2.6.8 + imagemagick: bump to 7.0.10-21 + + +Aaron G (1): + loksh: delete package in favor of oksh (#895) + +Adam Schaefers (9): + libgpg-error: bump to 1.38 (#890) + pciutils: bump to 3.7.0 (#889) + strace: bump to 5.7 (#898) + gnutls: bump to 3.6.14, remove sed from build (#919) + iptables: bump to 1.8.5 (#918) + iproute2: bump to 5.7.0 (#917) + libcap: bump to 2.36 (#916) + dash: bump to 0.5.11 (#915) + strace depends: Add linux-headers (#941) + +Artem Kobets (1): + man-pages: update to 5.07 (#928) + +Bridouz (3): + syncthing: upgrade to 1.5.0 (#869) + syncthing: upgrade to 1.6.0 (#900) + syncthing: upgrade to 1.6.1 (#909) + +Camille (2): + micro: update to 2.0.5 (#950) + freerdp: update to 2.1.2 (#960) + +Cem Keylan (7): + gst-plugins-base: add linux-headers as a make dependency (#863) + glib-networking: bump to 2.64.3 (#868) + sysmgr: add pre-shutdown hooks, minor nitpicks (#877) + gst-plugins: rename lcms2 to lcms (#905) + shinit: add new package at 1.0.0 (#907) + boost: fix source (#923) + mpd: bump to 0.21.24 (#933) + +Cliford Sab (1): + nnn: bump to 3.2 (#946) + +Cédric (5): + poppler: update to version 0.89.0 (#859) + cups-filters: depedency of lcms2 renamed to lcms (#906) + msmtp: update to 1.8.11 (#926) + cups-filters: update to 1.27.5 (#927) + sane: new package at 1.0.30 (#948) + +Dilyn Corner (4): + Qt bump (#856) + Falkon update (#857) + viper-browser added at git (#858) + extra-cmake-modules bumped to 5.71.0 (#944) + +Eudald Gubert i Roldan (1): + font-awesome-*: bump to 5.13.1 (#953) + +Himmalerin (1): + mercurial: update to 5.4.1 (#925) + +James Davies (1): + qemu: Build static linux-user binaries (#951) + +Kiëd Llaentenn (5): + ripgrep: bump from v12.1.0 => v12.1.1 (#879) + tokei: bump from v11.1.1 => v11.2.0 (#876) + hyperfine: bump from v1.9.0 => v1.10.0 (#873) + tokei: update to v11.2.1 (#897) + fd: update to v8.1.1 (#896) + +Kris Heck (4): + lcms2: bump to 2.10 (#899) + lcms: rename from lcms2 (#903) + openjpeg2: Update depends for lcms name change (#904) + lcms: bump to 2.11 (#959) + +M. Herdiansyah (7): + bspwm: fix gcc 10 (#880) + sxhkd: fix gcc 10 (#878) + feh: update to 3.4.1 (#875) + cryptsetup: update to 2.3.3 (#874) + perl: bump rel (#901) + minisign: update to 0.9 (#921) + go: update to 1.14.4 (#920) + +Michael Czigler (4): + rtl-sdr: new package at 0.6.0 (#855) + tiv: new package at 1.0.0 (#911) + libvncserver: new at 0.9.13 (#940) + x11vnc: new package at 0.9.16 (#942) + +Timothy Robert Bednarzyk (2): + w3m: bump release (newer source, same version) (#870) + fuse: bump to version 3.9.2 (#939) + +aosync (1): + es: new package at 0.9.1 (#910) + +ax (3): + Btrfs-progs: bump to 5.6.1 (#883) + Bind: bump to 9.17.1 (#888) + Libuv: bump to 1.38.0 (#887) + +depsterr (3): + Addition of tlp and xbacklight (#931) + Add ghc-bin (#935) + TLP: corrected dependencies (#945) + +djt3 (3): + Fix dependancies for tuitube and curlpp (#943) + rpcsvc-proto: new package at 1.4.1 (#956) + libtirpc: new package at 1.2.6 (#957) + +ectlunya (7): + mblaze: new package at 0.2 (#865) + abduco: new package at 0.6 (#882) + ii: new package at 1.8 (#881) + mblaze: update to version 0.7 (#894) + djvulibre: new package at 3.5.27 (#892) + zathura-djvu: new package at 0.2.9 (#893) + ii: fix permissions (#930) + +penguin-ff (3): + mutt: update to 1.14.2 (#924) + mutt: update to 1.14.3 (#947) + mutt: update to 1.14.4 (#954) + +periish (6): + Bump nss to v3.52. (#860) + Fix nss headers and close #861 (#864) + Update NSS (#886) + Fix manpages. (#912) + New package baseutils (#914) + Fix build. (#934) + +sdsddsd1 (1): + sdl: add missing depends: linux-headers (#913) + diff --git a/wiki/Archive/Blog/20200803a/index.txt b/wiki/Archive/Blog/20200803a/index.txt @@ -0,0 +1,148 @@ +Subject This month in KISS (#4)! +From Dylan Araps &lt;; +Date Mon, 3 Aug 2020 06:06:06 +0100 + +Welcome to month 4! + +KISS is an independent Linux(R) distribution with a focus on simplicity and the +concept of less is more. See for more information. + + +[0.0] Index +________________________________________________________________________________ + +- c package manager [1.0] +- [2.0] +- libelf [3.0] +- libudev-zero [4.0] +- removal of .la files [5.0] +- package manager changes [6.0] +- neofetch 7.1.0 [7.0] +- gkiss [8.0] +- paleta [9.0] + + +[1.0] c package manager +________________________________________________________________________________ + +The C package manager is on hold and I will be revisiting it soon. The vision I +have for it has changed and I'd like to explore something slightly different. +Will have more to share about this later. + + +[2.0] +________________________________________________________________________________ + +KISS now has its own mirror of the repositories which live on GitHub. This +currently serves as backup for when GitHub goes down (or vice versa) which has +seemingly happened more and more since its acquisition. + +As a user, feel free to set your git remotes here. Those wanting to avoid GitHub +in its entirety can send in patches via email if they like. + + +[3.0] libelf +________________________________________________________________________________ + +We have swapped libelf implementations from elftoolchain to elfutils. + +In the past year we have swapped our libelf implementation twice, the most +recent swap occurring two days ago. This was just in time for Linux 5.8 as this +version cannot be built with elftoolchain libelf. + +libelf is a library which lets you read, modify or create ELF files in an +architecture independent way. There are a few different implementations of this +library (some in development, others not). + +The Linux kernel (from 4.14.12) makes use of this library when +CONFIG_UNWINDER_ORC or CONFIG_STACK_VALIDATION are enabled. The former requires +the latter so in any case, the latter controls this. + +E5ten tracked the build failure to a difference in behavior between elftoolchain +and elfutils in the gelf_getsymshndx() function. elfutils allows the second +parameter to be NULL whereas elftoolchain does not. + +The kernel build process happens to trigger this which causes build failure when +using elftoolchain's libelf. + +Bug filed here: + + +[4.0] libudev-zero +________________________________________________________________________________ + +libudev-zero is a daemonless, drop-in replacement for libudev written in C99. + +This library enables the user to run the device manager of their choosing +without needing to worry about the udev dependency at all. + +Development started just a month ago by illiliti, also known for +$/illiliti/tinyramfs and $/illiliti/kiss-encryption + + +[5.0] removal of .la files +________________________________________________________________________________ + +Packages will no longer install libtool's .la files. + +These files contain descriptions of libraries for use by libtool and they +really aren't needed. Arch Linux got rid of them in 2005! + + + + +[6.0] package manager changes +________________________________________________________________________________ + +Here are the highlights, more in the commit log. + +* Git sources now also pull down their submodules (if any exist). +* Arguments to 'kiss install' can now be relative. +* Added '$KISS_STRIP' to globally control binary stripping. +* Removed last Linux-specific pieces of code. +* Build files now modifiable in pre-build hooks. +* Fixed output bugs with post-install log. + + +[7.0] neofetch 7.1.0 +________________________________________________________________________________ + +Today I released neofetch 7.1.0. + +* Neofetch will now detect Ubuntu flavours (Xubuntu, etc) and show their logo. +* The latest macOS is now supported. +* Memory output unit can now be changed (KiB, MiB, GiB). +* Added es-shell support. +* Show -current or -release when using OpenBSD. +* Desktop environment output now shows version. +* ... see commits. + +Thanks to everyone involved. + +$/dylanaraps/neofetch/releases/tag/7.1.0 + + +[8.0] gkiss +________________________________________________________________________________ + +GKISS (GNU KISS Linux) is an alternative rootfs and set of repositories for KISS +providing glibc instead of musl. + +This is a great option for those needing glibc (and it can be run in a chroot +under musl too!). + + + + +[9.0] paleta +________________________________________________________________________________ + +paleta is a tool I recently wrote in C which enables on-the-fly terminal +palette modification, independent of terminal emulator. This covers foreground, +background, cursor and colors 0-255. + +A list of hex colors is passed via stdin to paleta, the input is morphed into +a set of escape sequences and sent to every running terminal in the +system + stdout. Every terminal's colorscheme is updated in realtime! + +$/dylanaraps/paleta diff --git a/wiki/Archive/Blog/20200903a/index.txt b/wiki/Archive/Blog/20200903a/index.txt @@ -0,0 +1,13 @@ +Subject This month in KISS (#5)! +From Dylan Araps &lt;; +Date Mon, 3 Sep 2020 06:06:06 +0100 + +Welcome to month 5! + +- Repository changes. +- Firefox X11 VAAPI. +- libudev-zero hotplugging support. +- new checksum format. +- Python 2 moved to community. +- Firefox now patch-less on musl. +- Firefox no-dbus patch no longer needed. diff --git a/wiki/Archive/Blog/20210223a/index.txt b/wiki/Archive/Blog/20210223a/index.txt @@ -0,0 +1,259 @@ +Subject Where Do We Go From Here? +From Dilyn Corner &lt;; +Date Tues, 23 Feb 2021 5:00:00 -0500 + +Where to begin! + +First, I would like to thank all of who participated in the poll we recently +ran! We had over a hundred responses, which by itself I found quite amazing - +Dylan's little project turns out to be bigger than I had expected. I certainly +wasn't anticipating the outcome we had, but I appreciate that so many of you +thought of me. For those of you who didn't want a new BDFL, I do not blame you; +I myself have been happily maintaining all of my own packages for several months +now with few issues. The beauty of KISS is that you can be your own BDFL :) + +I'm certain many of you are curious what I plan to do with these newfound powers +and responsibilities, so I thought I would take some time to explain my plans, +goals, and intentions. I have a tendency to be overly verbose, so I'll break +this up into sections; feel free to read as much or as little as you'd like. + +The Guidestones [1.0] +The Package Manager [2.0] +The Website [3.0] +The Repositories [4.0] +Reddit & IRC [5.0] +Structure [6.0] + + +[1.0] THE GUIDESTONES +________________________________________________________________________________ + +I take Dylan quite seriously in his declaration that "[the Guidestones] are a +set of notes which make KISS... KISS". They're explicit, simple, and focused. I +think these principles are what have given us the kind of community we have, +with projects like $/eudaldgr/kiss-live $/wyvertux/wyverkiss $/gkisslinux/grepo +$/Himmalerin/kiss-wayland springing up to fill the gaps and needs of users, by +users. And I think the 'by users' part is the most important thing. That users +want to contribute and explore ideas, concepts, and features make KISS what it +is - a maleable yet sturdy base on which you can create whatever you want. + +Specifically, I see no reason to change the goals that define the main +repositories. Dylan had previously spoken about switching to Wayland, only when +it finally became apparant that using Xorg would be essentially impossible. See +his discussion in IRC here: + +Drew Devault will yet have his day, it seems. + +KISS will continue to target X86_64 primarily, and will be English only. There +should be few if any new packages added to the core repo. The most complicated +thing a majority of people want is a graphical environment that runs a +webbrowser, and that is what they will get. By default, officially supported :) + +As such, I see no good reason to change much of the Guidestones. They are in +place for good reason, and altering them should be a last resort. While my own +personal repository is quite different from the core repository - strictly using +Wayland and pursuing software under nonGPL licenses - I have no interest in +imposing these restrictions on KISS as a whole. If that is something a user +wants, they can do it themselves, like I did. + +The point on the existence of a 'below governance structure' is an important +one; I do not wish to change this rule, and I will describe at the end what I +intend to do so that the KISS project can avoid going through these last few +months again. + + +[2.0] THE PACKAGE MANAGER +________________________________________________________________________________ + +Dylan was previously working on K, a version of kiss written in C. Recently, +$/illiliti/king has taken up a similar project. I commend the effort, and it +will be interesting to see how it turns out! Much like Dylan said when he +started working on it, however, I have no plans of changing the fundamentals of +the package manager much if at all - it is, in my opinion, feature complete, and +most of our focus on it should be on extensions like kiss-orphans and kiss-graph +than packing new lines of code into kiss itself. + +There have consistently been talks of adding a maintainer and license file to +packages, adding metadata to the repositories, and otherwise tweaking packages. +My opinion on the matter is that, without good technical reason for doing so, +the way packages are made and distributed is precisely the minimum required, and +maximally efficient. Adding a maintainer file defeats the purpose of using git, +for instance; while a one-line plaintext file may be easier to parse than git +log, kiss-maintainer seems to be more than adequate. A license file or a line in +the version file is interesting, but I don't think ultimately necessary - all +software in the main repositories is necessarily F(L)OSS; extended concerns +about which license is used by what package can be answered by simply +downloading the source and investigating one of the files inside (usually +COPYING or LICENSE). However, should users wish to install the license file WITH +the package, I have no issue with allowing a one-liner to the end of community +build files: + +install -Dm644 COPYING "$1/usr/share/$1/$1.$licensename" + +This wouldn't violate the package guidelines, it's easily greppable for curious +users, and everyone else can check the sources. + +There are a few small bugs in kiss; the infamous KISS_SU bug which caused a +flurry of Reddit posts for instance, along with a few other ones. I would hope +to fix these, and am more than happy to accept patches which add small, quality +of life changes that do not fundamentally alter the package manager - in my +eyes, kiss is essentially 'feature complete'. + + +[3.0] THE WEBSITE +________________________________________________________________________________ + +With Dylan's disappearance, many things have slowly crumbled. The domain expired +earlier this month, SSL certificates have expired, and of course the main +repositories have been untouched. There has been a lot of discussion on IRC +since January about what to do should Dylan not return before the website +expires, and a loose plan emerged. + +Ideally, we (I, I guess) will be purchasing the domain when it goes up for +auction sometime in March. This is to ensure some level of continuuity between +Dylan's time as BDFL and the time we are in now. + +Conversations have been had on IRC (we talk a lot on IRC, you should look into +joining us) and many users showed interest in taking a self-hosted direction +with many features of KISS instead of relying so much on GitHub, which many +users take issue with. My primary concern with self-hosting is that we would be +at the mercy of the hoster. And while I would certainly choose someone +trustworthy, that doesn't change the fact that we would be relying on a system +in some closet somewhere in the world. The distributed nature of a host like +GitHub is useful, if not ultimately necessary. Mirroring the site, on the other +hand, I have no real issue with. If people would like to mirror the website or +the repositories, a few links can be added to the main repositories and site +mentioning their existence. I will be looking into doing some sort of mirroring +as well. + +Speaking of mirrors, $/mcpcpc has been working on converting the website away +from the bare-bones, minimalistic plaintext the website is currently utilizing +and turning it into something more rich. You can find it here +While his efforts are appreciated, one of the beauties of the site as it stands +is how simple and lightweight it is - honestly, a feat one sees rarely in the +Modern Web(tm). I don't intend on making their work the official incarnation of +the site, but users are certainly more than welcome to use it instead if that is +what they would prefer. KISS is essentially self-documenting, and bundling the +website with the package manager is convenient and, I think, best done from the +simplest sources possible. + +People have been talking about switching to Gemini. While this is perhaps +arguably more inline with our goals and principles than the 'average Web', I +fear it is far too restrictive - but maybe this is just my 'old man yells at +clouds' moment. Again, I am not opposed to people mirroring the site to Gemini, +and I am fine with making reasonable and good changes to the site if that would +help. And, of course, linking to their work for the users who want that option. + + +[4.0] THE REPOSITORIES +________________________________________________________________________________ + +Much like the website, people are curious about where the repositories should be +- going even as far as to suggest we drop git entirely for fossil. First and +foremost, I think switching to fossil is at best incredibly difficult. git is +so deeply ingrained in the functioning of KISS, a lot of work would have to be +done for such a transition. That being said, I see no good reason it couldn't +theoretically be supported - if we do not lock users into coreutils or init, why +should we lock them into VCS? I will be exploring this soon(tm) in my own +repository. As it stands, KISS will be sticking to git for a while, if not +forever. + +Gaining access to $/kisslinux is probably never going to happen, so +hopefully we will be able to telegraph to the world to look elsewhere. An +interim repository at $/kiss-community was setup by a few members, and I see no +good reason to change from it - no sense in making users switch to +Yet Another Upstream ReposiTory. + +As far as hosting the repositories on GitHub is concerned, my worries for +self-hosting the website carry over here. Relying on a black box in someone's +closet is worse, I think, than on multiple black boxes scattered across the +world. Our current single point of failure is the BDFL, not the hardware of some +poor soul. Mirroring the repositories, however, I am fine with. Honestly, I +have never done such a thing - the most I've ever hosted is a media server off +of a screendead laptop in 2008. Hosting outside of GitHub will be explored and +proper announcements made should something change, but there will always at +least be a mirror of the repositories on GitHub. Here it was born, and here it +shall stay. + + +[5.0] REDDIT & IRC +________________________________________________________________________________ + +I got notified literally while writing this that my request for Mod privileges +on the subreddit has been granted, so I suspect several of you will have gotten +here from there. Hello! While Dylan may not have been hands-off with the +subreddit by choice but rather by ignorance, I will take a similar track; +pinning things that are relevant, announcing changes as they come, etc. I'll +always be around in there, silently watching... + +Somebody other than me has submitted a request for the IRC channel. I'm not +terribly concerned with the IRC - it barely had moderation to begin with, some +might say... + +Mostly, I'd just like to update the Song of the Day more than once every five +months :) The IRC channel will continue, under someone's (or noone's) control, +in perpetuity. No plans for Discord, Matrix, Telegram, Whatsapp, Slack, Teams, +or Newsgroups. Y'all are more than welcome to start your own, if you'd like. But +I won't be joining them. + + +[6.0] STRUCTURE +________________________________________________________________________________ + +This is, I think, the most important topic to tackle. Obviously we were left out +in the cold rather abruptly. I didn't terribly mind it - Dylan did after all say +that he wanted the distro to be easily maintainable my one person. Plus, I don't +rely on community very much at all for my packages. But most people don't want +to bother with checking for their own updates and making their own packages; who +can blame them? Eliminating duplication of effort is important. I don't know how +long I'll be around (I plan to live forever, so far so good), and I'd like to +see the repositories, wiki, website, etc. be more resilient and avoid having a +single point of failure. + +The point of having a BDFL is to ensure total control over the direction, +trajectory, and development of the project. My primary aim is to follow the +things Dylan specified as closely as possible. The point of a BDFL is NOT to +disrupt the experience of users, but to ensure consistency and focus for the +project. When it comes to a Linux distribution, updates in large part means +security updates and bug fixes. I want to ensure users aren't exposed due to my +own failure or disappearance. Dylan was resistant to letting other people +maintain even just community; I have a different take. + +* The responsibility of checking packages for correctness and merging PRs in the +main repositories falls to me, with one extra user having access to the main +repo and (a potentially different) user having access to community. My intention +here is not that they have just as much responsibility or authority over the +repository, but instead to (1) merge PRs and respond to issues should they stay +open for 'too long', and (2) to ensure that, should something happen to me, the +repositories carry on. Think of them not as assistants, but failsafes. + +* The responsibility of releasing updated tarballs of KISS falls to me. Nobody +else should feel compelled to do this, unless I'm just *poof* gone. + +* The responsibility of keeping up with the website and wiki falls to me, with +one other, different than the previous persons, also having access. + +The point is not to have multiple people in charge. Changes to anything +regarding the package manager, inclusion in the repositories, adjustments to +documentation, etc.etc.etc. should all go through me. +The point is instead to ensure that, should I disappear or be deposed because +I'm a jerk, users aren't left exposed. I don't want this to be Void. I don't aim +to hold anyone's hand, but at the same time there is no good reason users of a +distribution should not be allowed to opt into having their updates funneled +through a singular channel. That is, after all, the point - if users don't want +that, they can choose otherwise. + +I have no announcements of who these people will be, but the changes won't +effect much of how you would expect things to function if Dylan were still here. + +I am of course willing to hear feedback on this stark shift from Dylan's +previous policy, and suggestions on any of this are welcome. You can always find +me in IRC #kisslinux (I always read the logs), you can talk to me at +$/dilyn-corner or on Reddit (u/dilyn), and email is always an option: If you find my address, you can even mail me a +letter if you want. + + +In conclusion, thanks for your faith. + +___ diff --git a/wiki/Archive/Blog/20210308a/index.txt b/wiki/Archive/Blog/20210308a/index.txt @@ -0,0 +1,137 @@ +Subject This month in KISS (#6)! +From Dilyn Corner <> +Date Mon, 8 Mar 2021 20:43:00 -0500 + + +Welcome to the return of our monthly update! There are just a few things to +discuss, but I hope you find them interesting. + +At the head, for those of you who use signature verification on the repos: my +gpg key has finally found its way onto a keyserver! If you haven't had the +chance to add my key yet, you can do so with these great one-liners: + +gpg --keyserver --recv-key DA4AB731D4C3F13D +echo trusted-key DA4AB731D4C3F13D >> /root/.gnupg/gpg.conf + + +[0.0] Index +________________________________________________________________________________ + +- The new domain [1.0] +- Wiki updates [2.0] +- Mirror...s? [3.0] +- KISS-static [4.0] +- Community [5.0] + + +[1.0] The new domain +________________________________________________________________________________ + +As you may have noticed, most of the links floating around (at least that I have +direct access to) have been adjusted! Welcome to, the new website +for KISS. + +I, like probably many of you, have some attachments to previous names +( is a personal favorite), and I know that many-a-domain had been +setup in the interim, hosted by the likes of $/armaanb and $/mcpcpc, the latter of +whom graciously offered to give me But I'm a stickler for names, and +my distate for certain TLDs runs deep. has a nice ring to it, +matching the likes of other esoteric or enthusiast distros a la Arch, Void, and +Alpine. If/when becomes available, I certainly would like to nab it. +We'll see what happens. + +It was also great fun updating /etc/os-release. It marks, I think, the official +change. + + +[2.0] Wiki updates +________________________________________________________________________________ + +The versions of the wiki and website published with the package manager have +been updated to include the changes to the site, along with the fixes to the +wiki - no longer should pages that definitely exist 404 +(#/wiki/software/wpa_supplicant), and several pages are no longer hidden from +view (#/wiki/kernel/firmware). + +Additionally, some new articles are in the works. Some on Wayland, another the +options within the kernel - a large undertaking, but one I've been meaning to do +for quite some time. Remember: if you have an idea for something you would like +to see in the Wiki, don't hesitate to submit a PR or start an issue for an idea! +While I don't want the Wiki to be a replica of references that already exist, +relevant information to KISS is always welcome! Even if it's short - the efistub +article is great, and it's only 88 lines. The most important things in a wiki +article are correctness and relevance. Simple and accurate are good goals to +have! + +I will try to keep the docs distributed with kiss as up-to-date as possible, but +not so frequent as to drive you mad with updates. + + +[3.0] Mirror...s? +________________________________________________________________________________ + +In August of last year, Dylan rolled out, a git mirror of the +official repositories. I have spent the last week dusting off my webserver +knowledge, and would like to announce the official repository mirrors! They are +now hosted at (https specifically for those who DEMAND +security). It's hosted on a cute little linode in Newark, NJ that is, bless it, +running KISS! The server itself is setup with caddy (subject to change) with +repositories generated by stagit, and changes to the GitHub repositories should +be pushed almost immediately to their mirrors through the use of some git hooks. +I have mentioned several times now my interest in alternative VCS for KISS. +Right now, I have a fossil mirror of the repositories setup at + Currently, kiss is not equipped to use fossil +repositories, and I haven't decided to what extent this should be pursued by me +or left as an exercise for a motivated user. But they're there for those who are +curious! + +Fossil is an alternative VCS to git. You can learn about fossil at + + +As it stands, the repositories should be cloneable. Don't push to them though, +please. Primary work will remain on GitHub, at $/kiss-community + + +[4.0] KISS-static +________________________________________________________________________________ + +I don't want to use these posts to shill my own stuff too heavily, but Dylan was +never around to see this production come to fruition! I'll just mention it +briefly. $/dilyn-corner/KISS-static is a fully functioning static tarball of +KISS, clocking in at 18MB compressed. You can do all the things you would +normally want to do on KISS... Except build packages. If you want that, you'll +have to grab the lib tarball available on the releases page. At the very least, +KISS-static would make for a wonderful little recovery system. The repository at +the GitHub page is *rough*, mind you, but everything in the core directory +should build with no problems. Have fun :) + + +[5.0] Community +________________________________________________________________________________ + +For some parting words, something to say about the community repository! Here +are some general guidelines I'd like to stick to (and these will probably be +cross-posted to other places): + +1) If you can, sign your commits! Not only because "Verified" stamps are cool as +hell, but also because signature verification is great, and trusting each other +is a great thing to do :) + +2) Make sure you include a package manifest (either within the PR itself or +linked to at a pastebin) with all new packages and package version changes. +This at least pretends to certify that the package builds; I don't have the +energy or patience to build every package. Manifests are not required for +relver bumps, and relver bumps should only be done if an update has to be made +to a package AND that update requires the package be rebuilt. + +3) Expect an Issue tracker in the future - either a persistant one or one to +appear regularly - tagging users who have out-of-date packages. Packages left +out of date for 'sufficiently long' will be dropped and buried at +$/kiss-community/kiss-graveyard, where they can be summarily resurrected +(reverting the commit which drops them also works). + +4) I currently maintain several HUNDRED packages! It's not unbearable, but it's +certainly a lot. If you would like to take over any of my packages in community, +feel free to submit a PR (appending a space to the relver). Some of the packages +maintained by $/git-bruh are also de facto maintained by me, although I imagine +who-maintains-what will be cleared up as updates roll in. diff --git a/wiki/Archive/Blog/20210401a/index.txt b/wiki/Archive/Blog/20210401a/index.txt @@ -0,0 +1,118 @@ +Subject 01/04/2021: This month in KISS (#7)! +From Dilyn Corner <> +Date Thu, 1 Apr 2021 08:00:00 -0500 + + +Welcome to month 7! A lot of small things have happened. + + +[0.0] Index +________________________________________________________________________________ + +- repo-bin [1.0] +- zig [2.0] +- Small things [3.0] +- Fun notes [4.0] + + +[1.0] repo-bin +________________________________________________________________________________ + +Y'all may have noticed that Dylan stopped providing firefox-bin - relevant +commit + + +I know that I personally switched to a source-based distrubtion for more +'control' over how my packages are built, and many of you probably had a similar +inclination. But that doesn't change the fact that many users are on old or slow +hardware, and some packages take quite a long time to build (on my 2014 Macbook +Pro, chromium takes FORTY hours. FORTY!). + +I recently acquired a far more powerful computer - chromium now takes less than +an hour to build. As a result, I have looked into providing binaries for the +larger packages we have, including some in community. These packages won't be +modified from their source-based counterparts, and will be built using the same +set of flags the release tarballs are made with. The current list of packages I +will aim to provide are: chromium, clang, cmake, firefox{-esr}, llvm, +qt5-webengine, and rust. More can be added to this list if need be. The goal is +not to turn KISS into a binary distribution, just to save users some time. It +may become the case one day that binary options will exist for EVERY package, +but I don't know if I have the time or interest in doing this (though I will be +investigating it). + +Currently, firefox is available in $/kiss-community/repo-bin - I have several +more packages ready to go, I just didn't push them. I am currently on vacation +in Tennessee, and will push them when I return later this month. To use these +packages, simply prepend repo-bin/repo to your KISS_PATH so that they come +before $/kiss-community/repo and $/kiss-community/community - you can also fork +them into your own repo if you'd prefer to only use bins of some of the +packages. How wonderful! + + +[2.0] zig +________________________________________________________________________________ + +zig recently became buildable on KISS! Unfortunately, zig requires that llvm be +built with all the targets, and our build in repo/extra currently only targets +host and AMDGPU. Because of the size increase in the llvm package if we make the +change required (over 100MB larger), and the fact that it would only be to +support zig (which would live in community), I have decided to not accept zig +into the community repository. However, you can find zig at $/Ominitay/kiss-zig +or $/mmatongo/kiss-lang + +You can find my reasoning here $/kiss-community/repo-main/issues/31 + +!!!UPDATE!!! + +It was discovered that some tweaking could be done to the zig build which allows +it to be built with the version of llvm provided by the main repos! Anyone +looking to do cross-compiling with zig will still have to build llvm by +removing the -DLLVM_TARGETS_TO_BUILD line and rebuid zig, but you can find zig +now over in community. Along with zig, lld has been merged as an optional +replacement linker for the usual ld! If you already have llvm installed, maybe +check it out. + + +[3.0] Small things +________________________________________________________________________________ + +Mozilla seems to be moving firefox closer and closer to a GTK+2-free future. +While I was under the impression that this would be happening at the end of +December with the firefox 86 release, I should have known better. But the +no-gtk2 patch that we have seems to work just fine (considering how heavily +they're rewriting some parts of the code), and I hope to continue with the patch +until Mozilla blesses us with a firefox that doesn't *entirely* rely on +decades-old codebases. RIP gtk+2, and may you never return to repo/extra. + +In a similar vein, there is no clarity on when projects will stop relying on +python2; chromium seems to be the last holdout, and who knows when that will +change. If Google spent as much time on python2 as they do most of their other +projects, they probably could've dropped the requirement years ago. + +Void Linux and Gentoo have recently finalized their transition from libressl +back to openssl, the best argument for this about-face being 'difficulty to +maintain patches for compatibility'. The question was asked if KISS' ssl +implementation will change, and the answer is 'no'. We have very few packages +which require crypto libraries, and even fewer which actually require patches +(rust requires a version bump, qt5* require small amounts of patch adjustment). +Until using libressl becomes untenable, there is zero good reason to switch. You +can find some of the discussions around here in the IRC logs: + + + +[4.0] Fun notes +________________________________________________________________________________ + +A recent libva update saw a change in the headers relating to protected content, +which caused some breakage with chromium. As far as I know, we were one of the +first distros to have a patch ready for this problem - very exciting. Even more +exciting, however, was the fact that this patch made its way all the way to an +Arch PKGBUILD! We're a real distro now, folks. +$/archlinux/svntogit-packages/blob/packages/chromium/trunk/PKGBUILD#L94 + +Dante Haversham has become the latest to embark on the illustrious path of +rewriting our package manager in nonshell. First to the finish line wins praise, +glory, and the knowledge that their contribution to the community is unique and +will never be upstreamed :) They aim to have it be the same spirit as +$/dylanaraps/k but 'a lot simpler', which are some of the best goals as far as +I'm concerned. Find it here diff --git a/wiki/Archive/Blog/20210512a/index.txt b/wiki/Archive/Blog/20210512a/index.txt @@ -0,0 +1,297 @@ +Subject 12/05/2021: This month in KISS (#8)! +From Dilyn Corner +Date Wed, 12 May 2021 13:26:00 -0500 + +Welcome to month 8! + +I took a small holiday and thought I had pushed this post before I left. Nope! +Not a whole lot to discuss this time around, so just some quick updates. + + +- Firefox will soon(tm) no longer require gtk+2 OFFICIALLY! We saw the final + cleaning commit here +$/mozilla/gecko-dev/commit/79e8df83dd3ff34c5d527c6320940292289af570 + +- A subtle bug in how kiss handles dependencies that resulted in certain + packages not being installed at the right time was resolved, thanks to some + good troubleshooting work and a very clean patch. Check out the discussions + and work here: +$/kiss-community/kiss/commit/02a6791bbdbe51d9cd1eeb912bf0415a3b90a3b7 +$/kiss-community/kiss/issues/5 + Additionally, an issue with downloading partial sources was revealed, and + a patch will be applied soon! + +- The git server and mailing list underwent a migration to a smaller (cheaper) + VPS and, outside of a few hiccups, went rather smoothly! This should be the + last major change to it for a while. Let me know if you experience any issues! + +- The git log at the end of these posts is back, baybeeeee + + +Dilyn Corner (75): + curl: bump to 7.76.0 + nodejs: bump to 15.13.0 + kiss: bump to 5.2.6 + base-init: update link in post-install + xfsprogs: remove subshell + kiss: bump to 5.2.7 + mpv: bump to 0.33.1 + sqlite: bump to 3.35.4 + wpa_supplicant: bump relver for manpage fix + libdrm: bump to 2.4.105 + libva-utils: bump to 2.11.1 + mesa: bump to 21.0.2 + nodejs: bump to 15.14.0 + gcc: bump to 10.3.0 + libxkbcommon: bump to 1.2.1 + xf86-input-libinput: bump to 1.0.0 + gcc: bump mpfr/mpc/gmp versions + cmake: bump to 3.20.1 + ffmpeg: bump to 4.4 + gdk-pixbuf: bump to 2.42.6 + glib: bump to 2.68.1 + meson: bump to 0.57.2 + cbindgen: bump to 0.19.0 + cairo: fix checksums + xorg-server: bump to 1.20.11 + curl: bump to 7.76.1 + kiss: bump to 5.2.8 + xf86-input-libinput: bump to 1.0.1 + README: update gpg key + kiss: bump to 5.3.0 + openssh: bump to 8.6p1 + sqlite: bump to 3.35.5 + firefox: bump to 88.0 + firefox-esr: bump to 78.10.0esr + nodejs: bump to 16.0.0 + tiff: bump to 4.3.0 + mesa: bump to 21.0.3 + libjpeg-turbo: bump to 2.1.0 + strace: bump to 5.12 + atk: fix checksums + gcc: bump to 11.1.0 + llvm: don't include benchmarks/examples/tests/docs + libepoxy: bump to 1.5.7 + cmake: bump to 3.20.2 + libinput: bump to 1.17.2 + xorgproto: bump to 2021.4 + kiss: bump to 5.3.1 + libressl: bump to 3.3.3 + freetype-harfbuzz: bump to 2.10.4+2.8.1 + libass: bump to 0.15.1 + liberation-fonts: bump to 2.1.4 + meson: bump to 0.58.0 + nodejs: bump to 16.1.0 + libxkbcommon: bump to 1.3.0 + llvm: bump to 12.0.0 + rust: bump to 1.52.0 + firefox: bump to 88.0.1 + clang: bump to 12.0.0 + ccache: bump to 4.3 + mesa: bump to build against llvm 12 + python: bump to 3.9.5 + glib: bump to 2.68.2 + sudo: bump to 1.9.7 + rust: bump to 1.52.1 + busybox: bump to 1.33.1 + Remove update file + extra-cmake-modules: bump to 5.81.0 + nss: bump to 3.64 + nnn: bump to 4.0 + crosstool-ng: new package at git + crosstool-ng: remove duplicate patch/awk check + conky: bump to 1.12.2 + qt5*: bump to 5.15.3 + nano: bump to 5.7 + qt5-webengine: delete vestigial patch + + +Muhammad Herdiansyah (4): + libvpx: make it cc-neutral + x264: make it cc-neutral + zlib: ensure that the library is built with -fPIC + xfsprogs: explicitly declare <signal.h> + +aabacchus (1): + wpa_supplicant: actually install manpages + +git-bruh (1): + python: 3.9.4, fix virtualenv + +Aaron G (3): + 9base: change maintainer + oksh: bump to 6.9 + oksh: remove non-portable grep option from post-install script + +Armaan Bhojwani (7): + fortune: new package at git + fortune: fix checksums + fortune: restructure package + fortune: add fortunes, get pkg from tarball + scdoc: change maintainer + exa: bump to v0.10.1, change maintainer + exa: fix manpage install paths + +Artem Kobets (2): + xmlsec1: update to 1.2.32 + oath-toolkit: update to 2.6.7 + +Arthur Williams (2): + dzen: also install gadgets + evtest: new package at 1.34 + +Cédric (18): + youtube-dl: bumped to 2021.04.01 + exiftool: bumped to 12.23 + poppler: bumped to + sc-im: bumped to 0.8.1 + fzf: bumped to 0.27.0 + syncthing: bumped to 1.15.1 + youtube-dl: bumped to 2021.04.07 + ytfzf: new package at 1.1.2 (#280) + exiftool: bumped to 12.24 + ytfzf: bumped to 1.1.3 + ytfzf: bumped to 1.1.4 + exiftool: bumped to 12.25 + gnutls: pkgconf make dep added (#325) + youtube-dl: bumped to 2021.04.26 + syncthing: bumped to 1.16.1 + ytfzf: bumped to 1.1.5 + poppler: bumped to 21.05.0 + qpdf: bumped to 10.3.2 + +Daniel M. Matongo (4): + croc: bump to 8.6.12 + go-ipfs: new package at 0.8.0 + libgit2: fix build issues (#304) + lua: bump to 5.4.3 + +James Davies (1): + qemu: bump to 6.0.0 + +Jason Eslick (5): + sgt-puzzles: bump to version 20210409 + powertop: bump to 2.14 + sgt-puzzles: bump to version 20210428 + trash-cli: bump to version + protobuf: bump to version 3.16.0 + +Liam Warden (1): + gdb: bump to 10.2 + +Martin Gulliksson (1): + wireguard-tools: 1.0.20210424 + +Michele Zuccalà (1): + libdvdread: new package at 6.1.2 (#354) + +Muhammad Herdiansyah (2): + irssi: update to 1.2.3 + rxvt-unicode: force std=c++11 + +Nihal Jere (11): + go: bump to 1.16.3 + libksba: bump to 1.5.1 + gnupg2: bump to 2.3.0 + gnupg2: bump to 2.3.1 + sfeed_curses: bump to 0.9.11 + sfeed: bump to 0.9.23 + cloc: bump to 1.90 + htop: fix source, generate configure file (hopefully temporary) + mutt: bump to 2.0.7 + bash: bump to 5.1.p8 + go: bump to 1.16.4 + +Ominitay (2): + lld: new package at 11.1.0 (#258) + zig: new package at 0.7.1 (#257) + +Raphael (2): + berry: new package at 0.1.7 (#274) + brownout: new package at 0.4 (#285) + +Rio6 (3): + vcsh: bump to v1.20190621-4 + bump versions for the s6 suite: + s6-linux-init: bump to + +Xiaodong Xu (7): + bit-bin: bumped to 1.1.1 + glow-bin: bumped to 1.4.1 + delta: bumped to 0.7.1 + lsd: bumped to 0.20.1 + procs: bumped to 0.11.4 + rclone: bumped to 1.55.0 + rclone: bumped to 1.55.1 + +Zenomat (1): + mpd: new package at 0.22.6 (#287) + +aabacchus (3): + pdfcpu: bump to 0.3.10 + Add link to new site + pdfcpu: bump to 0.3.11 + +electimon (1): + links2: bumped to 2.22.0 and update dependencies + +git-bruh (39): + ungoogled-chromium: 89.0.4389.114 + file: 5.40 + imagemagick: 7.0.11-5 + glib-networking: 2.68.0 + gtest: new package at 1.10.0 + brotli: 1.0.9 + android-tools: 31.0.0 + imagemagick: 7.0.11-6 + axel: new package at 2.17.10 + ruby: 3.0.1 + webkit2gtk: 2.32.0 + icu: 69.1 + webkit2gtk, libpsl, harfbuzz-icu: bump for icu update (#290) + cproc, qbe: new packages at git (#276) + fuse: 3.10.3 + imagemagick: 7.0.11-7 + cmark-gfm: new package at 0.29.0.gfm.0 + chroma-bin: new package at 0.8.2 + libmpc: new package at 1.2.1 + imagemagick: 7.0.11-8 + webkit2gtk: fix freezes (#310) + libgcrypt: 1.9.3 + shellcheck-bin: 0.7.2 + glib-networking: 2.68.1 + gst-plugins-base: stop subproject cloning (#330) + [ungoogled]chromium: 90.0.4430.85 + imagemagick: 7.0.11-9 + [ungoogled]chromium: 90.0.4430.93 (#336) + webkit2gtk: add new musl patches from void (#338) + rbw-bin: new package at 1.2.0 (#337) + vis: fix depends + bind: 9.17.12 + imagemagick: 7.0.11 + lagrange: new package at 1.3.4 + imagemagick: 7.0.11-11 + libunistring: new package at 0.9.10 + lagrange: 1.4.0 + btrfs-progs: 5.12 + imagemagick: 7.0.11-12 + +ilmich (6): + mc: new package at 4.8.26 + mc: fix build script + yasm: new package at 1.3.0 + mplayer: new package at 1.4 + mplayer: fix configuration file permissions + mplayer: Fix build script + +mcpcpc (1): + kirc: bump to 0.2.6 + +phoebos (3): + catgirl: new package at 1.7 + pounce: new package at 2.3 + neomutt: new package at 20210205 + +zenomat (1): + mpc: new package at 0.33 + diff --git a/wiki/Archive/Blog/20210609a/index.txt b/wiki/Archive/Blog/20210609a/index.txt @@ -0,0 +1,233 @@ +Subject 09/06/2021: This month in KISS (#9)! +From Dilyn Corner +Date Wed, 09 Jun 2021 19:21:00 -0500 + +Welcome to month 9! + +Our dreams of no longer having to patch firefox to remove gtk+2 were dashed ever +so slightly -- the build system still checks for gtk+2. For now, the patch +stays. Albeit, more slimmed down. One day, perhaps, firefox will enter 2011. + +A bug in how kiss handles dependencies has emerged. While not breaking (or even +terribly awful), it's still a bug! Checkout the issue for more: +$/kiss-community/kiss/issues/29 + +Speaking of dependencies, it was recently asked on IRC which dependencies are +implicit and which should always be mentioned in the depends file. There isn't +currently something penned down on this, so I figured I'd write something here +that can later be documented formally. + +Things that can be implicit and left out of the depends file are: +- git +- binutils +- gcc +- make +- musl +- busybox + +Basically, you can assume a functioning toolchain and the basic tools supplied +by busybox. git is implicit because... Well... It's a large part of kiss. + +Outside of this short list, dependencies should always be specified. + + +Finally, there was some recent movement on Dylan's GitHub page. $/dylanaraps +I've said it many times but I'll say it again: if he makes his way back and +wants the reigns, he's more than welcome to the domain and VPS. + + +And here are all of the changes since the last post! Have a great month. + + +Dilyn Corner (59): + libXfixes: bump to 6.0.0 + zstd: bump to 1.5.0 + mesa: bump to 21.1.0 + libxkbcommon: change libexecdir directory + pango: bump to 1.48.5 + libX11: bump to 1.7.1 + kiss: bump to 5.3.2 + libdrm: bump to 2.4.106 + libepoxy: bump to 1.5.8 + mesa: bump to 21.1.1 + nodejs: bump to 16.2.0 + perl: bump to 5.34.0 + curl: bump to 7.77.0 + expat: bump to 2.4.1 + libinput: bump to 1.17.3 + xfsprogs: bump to 5.12.0 + xorgproto: bump to 2021.4.99.1 + m4: bump to 1.4.19 + alsa-lib: bump to 1.2.5 + alsa-utils: bump to 1.2.5 + cmake: bump to 3.20.3 + libinput: bump to 1.18.0 + util-linux: bump to 2.37 + xorgproto: bump to 2021.4.99.2 + libXi: bump to + mesa: bump to 21.1.2 + nodejs: bump to 16.3.0 + alsa-utils: linux-headers is a make dep + alsa-lib: fix broken sound card driver loading + alsa-lib: some extra patches as a catch-all fix + alsa-utils: small patch, hopefully helps alsactl + firefox: bump to 89.0 + git: bump to 2.32.0 + libogg: bump to 1.3.5 + meson: bump to 0.58.1 + libX11: bump to 1.7.2 + firefox: Forgot to add second shellcheck disable + extra-cmake-modules: bump to 5.82.0 + feh: bump to 3.7 + nss: bump to 3.65 + neovim: update sources, cleanup build. Fixes #401 + nfs-utils: bump to 2.5.3; adopted + libtirpc: bump to 1.3.2; adopted + boost: bump to 1.76.0; adopted + ccls: bump to 20210330; adopted + nvme-cli: bump to 1.14; adopted + dsp: drop outdated orphan + fetsh: drop outdated orphan + fish: drop outdated orphan + freerdp: drop outdated orphan + rgbds: drop outdated orphan + spotifyd: drop outdated orphan + svkbd: drop outdated orphan + qt5-webengine: rename libXslt dependency (#420) + qt5-webengine: update shellcheck code + qt5-webengine: disable both shellchecks for now + nnn: bump to 4.1, remove fts + nss: bump to 3.66 + nnn: gmake -> make + + +Aaron G (2): + sed-i: new package at 0.1 + sed-i: fix shellcheck warning + +AndreiSva (2): + added new package slang at 2.3.2 + most: new package at 5.1.0 + +Arthur Williams (5): + openconnect: new package at 8.10 + vundle: new package at 0.10.2 + ccrypt: new package at 1.11 + libdvdcss: bumped to 1.4.3 + zathura-cb: new package at 0.1.8 + +BrentBoyMeBob (1): + jansson: new package at 2.13.1 (#439) + +Claudia (2): + libxml2: update to 2.9.12 + aerc: reflect git version and add GOPATH=/tmp/community/community + +Cédric (15): + sc-im: bumped to 0.8.2 + youtube-dl: bumped to 2021.05.16 + exiftool: bumped to 12.26 + fzf: bumped to 0.27.1 + ytfzf: bumped to 1.1.6 + gnutls: bumped to 3.6.16 + azpainter: bumped to 3.0.0 + fzf: bumped to 0.27.2 + pandoc-bin: updated to + poppler: bumped to 21.06.1 + syncthing: bumped to 1.17.0 + cups: bumped to 2.3.3op2 + youtube-dl: bumped to 2021.06.06 + pandoc-bin: version number fixed + azpainter: bumped to 3.0.1 + +James Davies (1): + qemu: update patches, depends. + +Jason Eslick (9): + bat: bump to version 0.18.1 + trash-cli: bump to version + protobuf: bump to version 3.17.0 + mosh: bump relver for protobuf update + trash-cli: bump to version + powertop: fix depends + trash-cli: bump to version + sgt-puzzles: bump to version 20210526 + protobuf: bump to version 3.17.3 + +Kyryl Melekhin (1): + radare2: new package 5.3.0 + +Liam Warden (1): + gsl: bump to 2.7 + +Michele Zuccalà (1): + pmount: new package at 0.9.23 (#399) + +Muhammad Herdiansyah (4): + tmux: update to 3.2 + rxvt-unicode: update to 9.26 + age: update to 1.0.0-rc.2 + cryptsetup: update to 2.3.6 + +Nihal Jere (5): + iproute2: bump to 5.12.0 + sfeed_curses: bump to 0.9.12 + dash: bump to + go: bump to 1.16.5 + sfeed: bump to 0.9.24 + +Ominitay (1): + i3: fix version file + +Raphael (1): + berry: bumped to 0.1.8 (#435) + +Xiaodong Xu (3): + bottom: bumped to 0.6.1 + procs: bumped to 0.11.5 + tig: bumped to 2.5.4 + +Zola (6): + exfatprogs: new package at 1.1.1 (#398) + glew: resurrection at version 2.2.0 + glxgears-git: new package, pulls from git + fuse2: new package at 2.9.9 (#405) + cdrtools: new package at 3.01 (#438) + unrar: Package resurrection at 6.0.6 + +aabacchus (5): + catgirl: fix depends + pounce: fix depends + catgirl: remove dependency on ctags + pounce: bump to 2.4 + catgirl: bump to 1.8 + +git-bruh (21): + webkit2gtk: 2.32.1 + harfbuzz-icu: 2.8.1 + lagrange: 1.4.1 + webkit2gtk: make gst stuff optional again + btrfs-progs: 5.12.1 + p11-kit: new package at 0.23.22 + gcr: new package at 3.40.0 + surf : 2.1 + alacritty: 0.8.0 + bind: 9.17.13 + imagemagick: 7.0.11-13 + kmod: 29 + lagrange: 1.4.2 + micro: 2.0.9 + libxslt: Renamed from libXslt + webkit2gtk: fix depends for libxslt rename + [ungoogled]chromium: 91.0.4472.77 + libxslt: fix depends + libedit: revived package at 20210522-3.1 + lagrange: 1.5.0 + postgresql: new package at 13.3 + +illiliti (1): + ssu: bumped to 0.3.2 + +mcpcpc (1): + fltk: bump to 1.3.6 + diff --git a/wiki/Archive/Blog/20210702a/index.txt b/wiki/Archive/Blog/20210702a/index.txt @@ -0,0 +1,164 @@ +Subject 02/07/2021: This month in KISS (#10)! +From Dilyn Corner +Date Fri, 02 Jul 2021 09:15:00 -0500 + +Welcome to month 10! + +After a long hiatus, filled presumably with an abundance of self-care and +recentering, Dylan Araps is back lads! Some interesting things have emerged as a +result -- (and has been parked...), a flurry of +updates to the $/kisslinux website and repo repositories, and kiss has seen a +litany of pull requests, from small tweaks and fixes, to large-scale bug +squashing! + +Dilyn Corner (2): + kiss: fix some extra spaces + kiss: bump version + +Dylan Araps (8): + kiss: Fix incorrect check during updates + kiss: do a less shallow clone to enable 'git describe' + pkg_install_files: fix internal path issue. + kiss-chroot: Mount /dev/shm, /dev/pts, /tmp and /run + pkg_checksums: simplify + kiss: remove broken directory symlinks + kiss: fix bugs with pkg_build + kiss: sanitize tmp directory paths + +Only time may tell what will happen in the future! I'll provide updates whenever +I have them. In the meantime, work at $/kiss-community will continue as normal - +I won't be offended if you change your remotes :) + + +As I said earlier, some very large PRs have made their way onto the +$/kiss-community/kiss repository. They're quite big, so having some extra people +helping to break them would be wonderful! They'll slowly filter in over the next +week. + +Until next time! + Dilyn + + +Dilyn Corner (28): + alsa-utils: fix alsactl restore segfaults; closes #43 + glib: bump to 2.68.3 + xkeyboard-config: bump to 2.33 + grub: bump to 2.06 + firefox-esr: bump to 78.11.0esr + cmake: bump to 3.20.4 + alsa-lib: bump to + alsa-utils: bump to + firefox-esr: update patch/fix build + libudev-zero: bump to 0.5.1 + rust: bump to 1.53.0 + mesa: bump to 21.1.3 + sqlite: bump to 3.36.0 + firefox: bump to 89.0.1 + libva: bump to 2.12.0 + cmake: bump to 3.20.5 + fontconfig: python is a make dep + libva-utils: bump to 2.12.0, meson is a make dep + nodejs: bump to 16.4.0 + xf86-input-libinput: bump to 1.1.0 + firefox: bump to 89.0.2 + fontconfig: bump to 2.13.94 + python: bump to 3.9.6 + libffi: bump to 3.4.2 + mesa: bumpt o 21.1.4 + nodejs: bump to 16.4.1 + pango: bump to 1.48.6 + kiss: bump to 5.4.0 + +Aaron G (4): + less: change maintainer + man-pages-posix: change maintainer + Update maintainer email + neatvi: drop package + +AndreiSva (3): + weechat: new package at 3.1 + weechat: bumped to 3.2 + slang: change tabs to spaces + +Armaan Bhojwani (2): + chorizo: new package at 1.0.0 + chorizo: rename depends + +Cédric (8): + azpainter: bumped to 3.0.1 + exiftool: bumped to 12.27 + pandoc-bin: bumped to + cups-filters: bumped to 1.28.9 + exiftool: bumped to 12.28 + pandoc-bin: bumped to + azpainter: bumped to 3.0.2 + ytfzf: bumped to 1.2.0 + +Dilyn Corner (6): + nss: bump to 3.67 + extra-cmake-modules: bump to 5.83.0 + nano: bump to 5.8 + qt5-declarative: fix building with gcc 11.1.0 + qt5: dtls is not supported currently with libressl + qt5-webengine: bump to 5.15.3 + +Jason Eslick (1): + trash-cli: bump to version + +Jonathan Dahan (1): + croc: bump to 9.1.6 + +Kyryl Melekhin (2): + radare2: new package 5.3.0 + radare2: bump to 5.3.1 + +Liam Warden (1): + gnuplot: bump to 5.4.2 + +Nihal Jere (4): + isync: bump to 1.4.2 + libksba: bump to 1.6.0 + mutt: bump to 2.1.0 + bash: add bison as dependency + +Ominitay (3): + lld: bumped to 12.0.0 + zig[-git]: dropped package + htop: adopt package + +Rio6 (1): + pass: bump to 1.7.4 + +Xiaodong Xu (14): + procs: bumped to 0.11.8 + delta: bumped to 0.8.0 + darkhttpd: new package at 1.13 + grabc: new package at 1.0.2 + mg: new package at 6.9 + procs: bumped to 0.11.9 + delta: bumped to 0.8.1 + slides: new package at 0.3.0 + cwm: new package at 6.7 + grabc: bumped to 1.1 + slides: bumped to 0.4.0 + bottom: bumped to 0.6.2 + viu: new package at 1.3.0 + gping: new package at 1.2.1 + +git-bruh (15): + xwallpaper: 0.7.0 + fuse: 3.10.4 + imagemagick: 7.0.11-14 + lagrange: 1.5.1 + nettle: 3.7.3 + p11-kit: 0.24.0 + squashfs-tools: 4.4-git.1 + libtermkey: fix patch + gst-plugins*: Disable tests and introspection + imagemagick: 7.1.0-0 + gtest: 1.11.0 + lagrange: 1.5.2 + badwolf: new package at 1.1.0 + lmdb: new package at 0.9.29 (#496) + lariza: 21.06 + diff --git a/wiki/Archive/Blog/index.txt b/wiki/Archive/Blog/index.txt @@ -0,0 +1,38 @@ +BLOG +________________________________________________________________________________ + +RSS Feed available here: @/blog/blog.xml + +- @/blog/20210702a This month in KISS (#10) +- @/blog/20210609a This month in KISS (#9) +- @/blog/20210512a This month in KISS (#8) +- @/blog/20210401a This month in KISS (#7) +- @/blog/20210308a This month in KISS (#6) +- @/blog/20210223a Trajectory +- @/blog/20200903a This month in KISS (#5) +- @/blog/20200803a This month in KISS (#4) +- @/blog/20200625a This month in KISS (#3) +- @/blog/20200525a This month in KISS (#2) +- @/blog/20200509a KISS turns 1! +- @/blog/20200426a This month in KISS (#1) +- @/blog/20200325a This week in KISS (#16) +- @/blog/20200316a This week in KISS (#15) +- @/blog/20200309a This week in KISS (#14) +- @/blog/20200303a This week in KISS (#13) +- @/blog/20200224a This week in KISS (#12) +- @/blog/20200218a +- @/blog/20200217a This week in KISS (#11) +- @/blog/20200209a This week in KISS (#10) +- @/blog/20200202a This week in KISS (#9) +- @/blog/20200125a This week in KISS (#8) +- @/blog/20200118a This week in KISS (#7) +- @/blog/20200111a This week in KISS (#6) +- @/blog/20200102a This week in KISS (#5) +- @/blog/20191211a This week in KISS (#4) +- @/blog/20191202a This week in KISS (#3) +- @/blog/20191124a This week in KISS (#2) +- @/blog/20191117a This week in KISS (#1) +- @/blog/20191004a I've gone to great lengths for this silence +- @/blog/20190828b Why does GTK3 Firefox require GTK2? +- @/blog/20190828a Firefox 69 now fully depends on dbus +- @/blog/20190827a Python 2 will never die diff --git a/wiki/Archive/Guidestones/index.txt b/wiki/Archive/Guidestones/index.txt @@ -0,0 +1,193 @@ +KISS GUIDESTONES +________________________________________________________________________________ + +Below are a set of notes which make KISS... KISS. I felt the need to define in +as much detail as possible philosophy behind the distribution. + +There is no requirement to follow or even agree with my words. Some of the +technical details for how packages are written will apply to package inclusion +in the official repositories however. + +Bear in mind, I develop and release KISS for free. I owe you nothing. Any help +I provide is at my own discretion. KISS is my gift to you from the love of what +I do. I hope you find it as useful as I have. + +- Dylan Araps + +These guidestones will be in perpetuity. Until a sufficiently good reason to +alter them is provided (such as security concerns, kernel requirements), these +will continue to be the guiding principles behind the direction of KISS. + +- Dilyn Corner + + +USERS +________________________________________________________________________________ + +* KISS is the vessel with which to shape your system in your own way and to + optionally share your ideas with others. + +* Every user has the means to keep their entire system up-to-date without the + need for or reliance on the BDFL. Every KISS install contains the entirety of + the repositories with full history. + +* If a piece of software is missing, package it! If it is suitable for inclusion + in the repositories, send a pull request. If it is not, keep it in your own + repository and/or share it with others. + +* Don't ask a question to ask a question. If you have a question, out with it or + forever hold your peace. + +* If you have a problem, think about it first. Present as much information as + possible and logs if applicable. The more information given to those willing + to help, the higher the chance and quicker the speed of resolution. + +* Most importantly. LEARN TO LEARN. Don't jump into irc at a moment's notice. + Try and solve the issue yourself first. Learn to solve your own problems, + gain a better understanding over your system and take control. Be a doer. + + +KISS +________________________________________________________________________________ + +* There must always be a sole commander-in-chief in charge of the distribution. + There must never be a below governance structure. + +* With great power comes great responsibility. The user must have some kind of + brain in their skull and must exercise its use where necessary. + +* Prefer less software over more software where possible. e.g If all a library + does is make the cursor spin while waiting for a program to launch, it should + be purged. + +* Favour usability over ideals. If software B is simpler than software A but is + missing essential functionality (for all users), software A shall be the + default provider. + +* User choice matters. Maintain this strict philosophy while at the same time + keeping the ability to go against this philosophy open to all. + +* The ends do not justify the means. A package, fix, feature or what have you + will not be implemented if it requires gross hacks to accomplish. + +* Only target the English language. English is the World Language. What we write + our code in and what we use to communicate. + +* All shell code must be written in a safe way, pass the shellcheck linter and + match the style of any existing code. + +* All distribution tooling and shell code must be written in a portable way. + Otherwise, the user will be locked into a single coreutils and shell. + +* One exception is made for 'sed -i' as it is too useful to let go of. The '-i' + flag has rather good support across implementations regardless. + +* Avoid the next new shiny thing until or unless certain that it brings real + improvements over what it is intended to replace. + +* The above excludes versions of the same software. Software should always be + kept up-to-date unless there is a blocker in doing so. + +* Continue to work towards the removal of unneeded software, patching existing + software or writing replacements if required. + +* There shall never be rules centred around speech or the way in which one must + carry themselves to communicate. Do unto others as you would have them do + unto you. + + +OFFICIAL REPOSITORIES +________________________________________________________________________________ + +* The number of packages in the repositories shall never exceed that which is + maintainable by a single person with minimal effort. + +* Any packages unsuitable for the repositories must be kept in user or + 3rd-party repositories. + +* The repositories (excluding Community) must remain a useful base containing + everything up to a Graphical session with a browser and media player. They + shall go no further. + +* All software in the repositories must be F(L)OSS. See above point if + proprietary software is needed. + +* The build process of a package should not require a network connection, + otherwise signature verification and checksums are useless. + +* Avoid patches for single line changes. Patches require rewriting on changes + of the sources whereas a simple call to 'sed' can stand the test of time. + +* Avoid running or autotools in builds if pre-generated files + already exist. + +* Sources must use HTTPS where possible. If no HTTPS source is available one + must be sought out or created by the BDFL of KISS. + +* Install files to '/usr/{bin,lib,share}' always. The singular directory + ensures simplicity and keeps KISS tooling and user scripts simple. + +* The following list of software must never make its way into the repositories + as their inclusion will open the floodgates for software which unoptionally + depends on them. + + dbus, systemd, polkit, gettext, intltool, pulseaudio, pipewire, pam, wayland, + logind, ConsoleKit, libsn, electron and all DEs. + +* These above rules may apply to other software at the discretion of the BDFL. + +* No package shall ship with telemetry enabled by default and if at all + feasible it must be patched out entirely. + + +COMMUNITY REPOSITORIES +________________________________________________________________________________ + +* The community repository is maintained by the users of KISS. Each maintainer + is responsible for the packages they have opted to add. + +* The BDFL's only responsibility is to review pull requests sent to this + repository. + +* Only the maintainer of a package is allowed to make any changes to said + package. Don't send pull requests for packages you do not own. + +* Contact the maintainer of the package via their set git email if you would + like to report an out-of-date package or request changes. + + +PACKAGE MANAGER +________________________________________________________________________________ + +* The package manager must not exceed 1000 lines of code. This number excludes + blank lines and comments which make up around 50% of the program's current + size. + +* The user is smart, the package manager is dumb. The package manager is + written under the assumption that the user has some kind of functioning brain + in their skull. + +* There are some things which can't be, shouldn't be, and won't be automated. + Firstly, for my sanity. Secondly, for yours. + +* Prefer extensibility through scripts over baking every additional feature into + the package manager. + +* Circular dependencies are a bug and not a feature. See: freetype-harfbuzz + + +INIT SYSTEM +________________________________________________________________________________ + +* The user should not be tied to a single provider of PID 1. No unrelated piece + of software should require a specific init be in use. + +* No software violating the above rule shall be included in the official + repositories as it paves the road for the inclusion of software that will + explicitly depend on it. + +* The boot and shutdown scripts shall be written in an init-agnostic fashion + and work with all init systems which require it as a means of starting the + machine. + + diff --git a/wiki/Archive/News/20200506a/index.txt b/wiki/Archive/News/20200506a/index.txt @@ -0,0 +1,16 @@ +Subject Firefox package changes +From Dylan Araps &lt;; +Date Wed, 6 May 2020 01:05:09 +0100 + +The 'firefox' package will now follow the latest release instead of +the ESR. The ESR version of Firefox is additionally available via +the 'firefox-esr' package for those wanting a browser with less +surprises. + +To complement the changes, 'firefox-bin' now provides the latest +release and 'firefox-bin-esr', the ESR release. The '-bin' packages +are in the process of being built and will be released shortly. + + Dylan + +--- diff --git a/wiki/Archive/News/20200509a/index.txt b/wiki/Archive/News/20200509a/index.txt @@ -0,0 +1,47 @@ +Subject GCC 10.1.0 kernel issue +From Dylan Araps &lt;; +Date Wed, 9 May 2020 01:05:09 +0100 + +The kernel compiled with GCC 10.1.0 may crash on boot. This doesn't +seem to affect every system. I have thus far received a single report +by an affected user. + +Attached below is a patch which has been reported to fix the issue. +This fix has not yet made it into a kernel release (let alone Linus' +tree). + +I recommend applying the patch if compiling a kernel with GCC 10.1.0. +An additional note will be added to the installation guide for the +benefit of new users. + +Patch: <a href="">f670269a42bfdd2c83a1118cc3d1b475547eac22</a> + +Commit: <a href=""></a> + + +UPDATE (May 19 2020): + +Kernel versions 5.6.14 (latest stable) and 5.4.42 (latest LTS) +contain fixes for GCC 10 and no patch is needed. + + +UPDATE: + +Another alternative is to simply disable the stack protector in your +kernel configuration. This will also fix the kernel crashing during +the boot up process. + + CONFIG_STACKPROTECTOR=n + CONFIG_STACKPROTECTOR_STRONG=n + + + Dylan + +--- + + +Notes: + +- Reported to apply cleanly to kernel version 5.6.11. +- Hop on IRC, Reddit or send me an email ( if you + require any assistance. I'm here to help. diff --git a/wiki/Archive/News/20200511a/index.txt b/wiki/Archive/News/20200511a/index.txt @@ -0,0 +1,54 @@ +Subject Encryption support moved outside init +From Dylan Araps &lt;; +Date Wed, 11 May 2020 03:21:09 +0100 + +Encryption support in the init scripts will be moved to an external +project. Development will happen at a quicker pace and be done by +members of the community (those who use encryption themselves). + +This change also allows me to step back from writing/maintaining this +code. I don't personally use encryption (only on external drives) so +it's been a little tricky for me to approve changes by the community, +test changes, reproduce bugs, etc. + +Supporting encryption is trickier than one would think. There's a lot +to support and hardly anyone supports the entire specification (most +likely only systemd). + +The encryption code is now in good hands. The new maintainer really +cares about the boot-up/shutdown process as a whole. A large number of +improvements have come from his ideas (a lot of bug fixes too). + +What this entails as a user of encryption is fairly simple (though +manual). Install the `kiss-encryption` package in a week's time when +the update will be released. + +At the same time, the `baseinit` package will receive an update so be +sure to update the system prior to installing the package. + +This manual process is why I have decided to delay the update and +inform users beforehand. Apologies for the inconvenience. + +The `baseinit` update will also include some nice improvements to the +boot up process. Messages from the boot process will now be logged +to dmesg, the boot duration will be displayed at the end of the boot +process ("Boot completed in 2s...") and a myriad of bug fixes. + +The source for the encryption code now lives here: + + + + +Dylan + + + + + + + + + + + + diff --git a/wiki/Archive/News/20200811a/index.txt b/wiki/Archive/News/20200811a/index.txt @@ -0,0 +1,55 @@ +Subject Changes to repositories using symlinks to /var/db/kiss/repo +From Dylan Araps &lt;; +Date Wed, 11 Aug 2020 03:21:09 +0100 + +In two weeks' time, the assumption that the official repositories live in +/var/db/kiss/repo will be removed. This change only affects repositories which +contain symlinks to this location. + +This change is being made for a number of reasons. + +- There should be no forced system-wide repository. Users should be free to put + the official repositories wherever they like (or even safely remove them). In + other words, the official repositories should not be something special. + +- The official repositories can be removed from the installation medium. This + reduces the size of the tarball by an amount that can only grow over time. + +- Users will now learn about repositories and how they work as a part of the + installation process. The guide will also include information about the + Community repository (and the KISS universe) early on. + + +Repositories with symlinks to /var/db/kiss/repo contain packages based on +official repository packages. The maintainer may only need to change a package's +build file so they symlink the rest of the files to the official repositories +(removing the maintenance burden and duplicate effort). + +The now recommended way to layer packages in this manner is to use Git +submodules. Add the official repositories to your repository as a submodule, +update your symlinks to /relatively/ point there and the package manager will +handle the rest. + +An example repository can be found here: $/dylanaraps/kiss-submodule-links + +Notes about this change: + +- The package manager is already aware of submodules and this already works. +- It makes repository dependence explicit rather than implicit. +- The submodule is standalone and uninfluenced by KISS_PATH. +- It required no code. + +This change will be made in two weeks. Everything is ready on my end, the time +is given for repository owners to make the needed change. If all goes well and +there are no qualms, this change may be made before the deadline. We'll see +where the wind takes us. + +Discussion will be kept open until the change is made. Please leave your +thoughts in the link below or somewhere I can see them. Happy to answer any +questions you may have. :) + +Discussion: $/kiss-community/repo/issues/209 + +--- + + Dylan diff --git a/wiki/Archive/News/20210414a/index.txt b/wiki/Archive/News/20210414a/index.txt @@ -0,0 +1,105 @@ +Subject Mailing list announcement +From Dilyn Corner <> +Date Wed, 14 Apr 2021 12:37:10 -0500 + +Good news everyone! +We have a mailing list! + +--- + +One of the most frequent requests, probably since time immemorial, is to stop +using GitHub so damn much. "It's not very KISS", they say. + +So armed only with ignorance and a fervent desire to sate the appetites of our +ravenous users, I set to work. + +I'm happy to say that the same server which hosts our git and fossil mirrors is +now hosting our mailing list! Indeed, it's hosting my own email right now. + +This post is about our lists specifically and not the server - if you want to +learn more about what I've done with our little Linode, check out my own blog. +It will be linked to at $/dilyn-corner/KISS-serv (and posted soon(tm)). + +We have two lists! dev and community. They serve two purposes, and are meant to +be alternatives to some GitHub analogues. Specifically, + is similar to... +$/kiss-community/repo +$/kiss-community/kiss +$/kiss-community/init + is similar to... +$/kiss-community/community +$/kiss-community/website +$/kiss-community/wiki + +These lists are here as an option for users who want to participate, but don't +wnat to use GitHub for $GoodReason. Releases will still be posted to GitHub, +repositories will still be updated, etc. etc. The list does not supercede IRC, +which is more aimed at assisting with particular problems and questions (kernel +options, Xorg issues, etc.), but in conjunction with - if you want to send a +patch, it would be better to send it to the list instead of posting in IRC. But +again, you can always just use GitHub :) + +The lists have some special features! +Email... for... -> an FAQ about the list -> a list of subscribers -> a daily digest of what happened -> to email me! -> to subscribe -> to unsubscribe -> A list of these features! + + +If you have never used a mailing list before, congratulations. It's pretty neat, +you'll probably love it. Mailing lists usually have rules for participating, +ours is no exception! + +1) To send an email to the list, just email the list. +Do not alter the subject on replies. +When REPLYING to an email you got from the list, ensure that the only recipient +of the email is the list itself, not the original sender. (This may be a bug, I +am working on it). The only exception is if the sender says that they are not +subscribed to the list, and would like to be CC'd on replies. Please respect +their request :) + + +2) Plain text please. HTML is gross. Pretty much every mail client allows you to +configure this. Please do so. + + +3) No top-posting. When replying to an email, reply to the relevant part +in-line, or reply at the bottom of the email. + +A: Because it reverses the logical flow of conversation. +Q: Why is top posting frowned upon? + + +4) Line wrap your emails to a reasonable number of characters. 80 is sane, 70 is +pretty much golden. + + +5) Be courteous. Don't spam. Be good. + + +The dev mailing list is currently being archived at! The +community mailing list will be archived soon(tm). + + +For more information on mailing list etiquette, you can refer to [1]. +For more information on sending patches through email, please see [2]. + + +If you experience any bugs or issues with these lists, please let me know +(preferably in IRC, or - I'll be keeping this account +active for a while yet so it's safe). This mailing list is in BETA - there are +kinks to be worked out almost definitely, but so far it has worked quite well! + +--- + Dilyn + + + +[1] +[2] diff --git a/wiki/Archive/News/20210507a/index.txt b/wiki/Archive/News/20210507a/index.txt @@ -0,0 +1,19 @@ +Subject Kernel 5.12.0 build issue +From Dilyn Corner <> +Date Fri, 7 May 2021 22:23:00 -0500 + +The launch of the 5.12.0 kernel resulted in a potential problem! It's unclear +how many people this impacts; there have only been a few reports in IRC, +including me. There is a missing #include statement in one file. + +A simple: + sed -i '/&ltstdlib.h&gt/a #include &ltlinux/stddef.h&gt' \ + tools/objtool/arch/x86/decode.c + +Should resolve the issue! + +This persists through at least 5.12.2, and there are no obvious changes in +Linus' tree to indicate it's been reported or fixed. + +--- + Dilyn diff --git a/wiki/Archive/News/20210519a/index.txt b/wiki/Archive/News/20210519a/index.txt @@ -0,0 +1,53 @@ +Subject Update on Dylan, IRC +From Dilyn Corner <> +Date Wed, 19 May 2021 17:27:00 -0500 + +Two small updates to share with you all here! + +Bottom line up front: + 1) Dylan is okay! + 2) We have moved from Freenode to Libera.Chat + + +Details: +Previous attempts at divining Dylan's location or ways of contacting him were, +as previously discussed, discarded. We wished him the best, and left it at that. + +However! Someone (not Dylan) recently reached out to me with some news. They +contacted who we assume to be Dylan's mum and kindly inquired as to how he was +doing. She appreciated the concern for his wellbeing, and was able to confirm +one of our suspicions: the mad lad was simply experiencing burn out. It's to be +expected, given how hard he had been working for the last 18+ months! He was, +after all, the sixth most active person on Github for a time - and is still in +the top thirty [1]. + +We don't know if or when he'll return to this little project, but I think I +speak for everyone when I say that we're glad to hear he's doing good and taking +care of himself :) + + +For those of you not in-the-know, there has been a fair bit of drama in the land +of IRC! Freenode is basically synonymous with IRC for many of us, but there has +been a massive shakeup for the last long-while, ultimately culminating in the +upheaval which occurred today! You can read a lot more details here [2] and I do +not plan on rehashing a lot of it. Many projects have moved to alternatives +already, from the tiniest communities to the far larger organizations. KISS is +following suit. We are migrating to where many other people are going: +#kisslinux @ The #kisslinux channel on Freenode will be around for +who knows how long, though it is now set to invite-only. Make your way over to at your leisure. For those who can't access Libera for whatever +reason (a Matrix bridge is in the works apparently, and they are still +experiencing expected stability issues), the mailing lists are still available +for people who prefer not to deal with IRC at any level :) We don't currently +have a logbot in the channel, though one will probably makes it appearance soon +(tomorrow, mayhaps). + + +That's all I had for you fine folx. Until next time! + +--- + Dilyn + + +[1] +[2] diff --git a/wiki/Archive/News/20210712a/index.txt b/wiki/Archive/News/20210712a/index.txt @@ -0,0 +1,138 @@ +Subject kiss-community's status +From Dilyn Corner <> +Date Mon, 12 Jul 2021 13:08:00 -0500 + +Hello all! + +Recently, $/dylanaraps arrived back on the scene, making plenty of +contributions, restoring the previous $/kisslinux org, and doing some incredibly +major changes to KISS Linux! I know I speak for everyone when I say that I'm +glad he's back and getting back to what he loves doing. + +Dylan has made some posts; I recommend reading them! [0] [1] [2]. + +Naturally, his coming back has brought up quite the onslaught of questions. I'm +going to answer as many of them as I can, and hopefully eliminate the confusion +surrounding all of this :) + + +* First and foremost: the new project URL is + +I do not know what will come of +Dylan did not/has not asked for the domain or the VPS hosting the mail server or +the git & fossil mirrors of the repositories. So it seems that he doesn't want +them, which is totally fine. At present, the site will continue to exist for a +short while longer, though it should no longer be the reference point for where +to get information on KISS. The site will eventually simply be a redirect to, or cease to exist. There could potentially be a new website, +which leads me to my next point... + + +* $/kiss-community will continue to exist. + +This org came into existence as a way of centralizing the work being done on the +core parts of KISS, namely the main repositories, init, the wiki, the website, +and kiss itself. With Dylan back, much of this work is redundant (if not wholly +confusing to users). As such, $/kiss-community will see some restructuring. + +What you can expect: +$/kiss-community/repo will no longer be the main upstream repository. If you are +100% on board with the work Dylan is doing at $/kisslinux/repo feel free to +switch your remotes and carry on as you always have! Please be aware that the +project has seen some major changes. The switch from Xorg to Wayland shouldn't +present (many) breaking changes to your setups, but the switch from Libressl to +Openssl could certainly cause some potentially strange problems. I leave it to +each user to determine how heavily they're impacted, but if you switch, I +recommend: +0) Change remotes (git remote set-url origin +1) Identifying which packages require libressl (kiss-revdepends libressl) +2) Download the sources for those packages (kiss d $(kiss-revdepends libressl)) +3) Building and installing openssl (kiss b openssl) +4) Forcibly removing libressl (KISS_FORCE=1 kiss r libressl) +5) Rebuild the packages from 1) (kiss b $(kiss-revdepends libressl)). + +The switch to Wayland presents a possibly harder hurdle. I would recommend +simply removing your entire xorg stack (xorg-server, libinput, xf86-*, etc) and +starting over - many packages saw the elimination of dependencies, options, etc. +which could cause some... strange issues. + + +* $/kiss-community will serve a different purpose + +I've mentioned this on IRC [3], but it's worth saying here: + $/kiss-community/repo will not be a suitable upstream location. I have not + been using Xorg for many months, and don't want to maintain a fork of KISS. + IF anyone is interested in maintaining a libressl+xorg version of the main + repository, you are more than welcome to do so AND host it at + $/kiss-community - pop into IRC and we can all discuss it :) + + +* Dylan does not intend on hosting a community repository. + +$/kiss-community/community will continue to exist to serve its purpose as usual. +However, it is still governed by the guidestones behind KISS. Packages in it +should build against whatever exists in $/kisslinux/repo as this is the +standard. Xorg packages will not be accepted (and should be dropped), openssl +should replace libressl in dependencies lists, etc. If $/kiss-community/repo +becomes a xorg+libressl repo, a community project can exist there (making it +repo/extra, repo/xorg, repo/community). + + +* $/kiss-community can expand + +Large projects are welcome to be held under the umbrella of the KISS community +org which need not keep to the guidestones as strictly! This includes proper +ports of KISS, KISS with glibc, large projects like KISS-kde or kiss-xfce4, a +dbus/pipewire/pulseaudio repo, etc. If you would like to maintain something like +this at $/kiss-community ... hop into IRC :) + + +* $/kiss-community/repo-bin will be broadened + +repo-bin was initially for 'time consuming packages' in the main repository. +This can now be extended to packages in community (like chromium, webengine). If +you would like to contribute a package to repo-bin... Hop into IRC to discuss! + + +* Certain repositories will be archived + +This list includes init, kiss, website, and wiki. There isn't much of a need for +them. Any contributions meant for there can instead be sent to $/kisslinux :) + + +* IRC and Reddit are now unofficial channels + +It would seem Dylan would prefer to stick more closely to simply maintaining the +project and less time fiddling with IRC and the subreddit. While there have been +some commits to the repositories that make it seem like Dylan is watching the +IRC logs, he hasn't been very active in there. These areas will continue under +their current control structures, though they could potentially change in the +future. Just be aware that these are now entirely community-run enterprises, and +aren't to be construed as officially involved with the KISS project. They are +still, however, still about our beloved distribution :) + + +--- + + +I'd like to reiterate: I am not forking KISS, I have no intention of maintaining +a fork of KISS (outside of the work I've done myself at $/dilyn-corner/KISS-me +which is... roughly a fork), and KISS is not MY project. It is and always has +been Dylan's. If you don't like his changes or my decision, you're in luck; the +distribution was devised in such a way that you can do your own thing. Several +users are already doing their own work ( & +$/ehawkvu/kiss-xorg for instance). + +I won't push changes which IMMEDIATELY break your machines, but you should be +looking to make your relevant migrations in the next week or two. + + +Thank you for your time, and I look forward to this new chapter! + + Dilyn + + +[0] +[1] +[2] +[3] diff --git a/wiki/Archive/News/index.txt b/wiki/Archive/News/index.txt @@ -0,0 +1,39 @@ +NEWS +________________________________________________________________________________ + +RSS Feed available here: @/news/news.xml + +- @/news/20210712a kiss-community's status +- @/news/20210519a Update on Dylan, IRC +- @/news/20210507a Kernel 5.12.0 build issue +- @/news/20210414a Mailing list announcement +- @/news/20200811a Changes to repositories using symlinks to /var/db/kiss/repo +- @/news/20200511a Encryption support moved outside init +- @/news/20200509a GCC 10.1.0 kernel issue +- @/news/20200506a Firefox package changes +- @/news/20200114a Firefox binaries now available +- @/news/20200101a Firefox privacy changes moved +- @/news/20191105a The Wiki is live +- @/news/20191031a ninja replaced by samurai +- @/news/20191015b New python release (3.8.0) +- @/news/20191015a New sudo release (1.8.28) +- @/news/20191010a Mesa 19.2.1 released +- @/news/20190927a LLVM/Rust updated +- @/news/20190921a LLVM/Clang reverted to 8.0.1 +- @/news/20190920a Mesa/Rust need to be rebuilt +- @/news/20190911a Please update the package manager +- @/news/20190908a The cache directory has moved +- @/news/20190906a Firefox updated to 69.0 +- @/news/20190902a KISS 1.0 released +- @/news/20190831b python-setuptools now a part of python +- @/news/20190831a Removal of ca-certificates +- @/news/20190830b Removal of file +- @/news/20190830a Removal of fakeroot +- @/news/20190828a Removal of atk-bridge-fake +- @/news/20190824b Rust update requires manual intervention +- @/news/20190824a Manual repository fix needed +- @/news/20190823a KISS repository split +- @/news/20190822a KISS is now on +- @/news/20190811a KISS installed on hardware +- @/news/20190804a Firefox has been built +- @/news/20190719a Building a web browser