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Date:   Sun, 22 Aug 2021 04:21:29 +0100

blog: publish "This Server"

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diff --git a/blog/.gitignore b/blog/.gitignore @@ -0,0 +1 @@ +*.txt diff --git a/blog/001-this-server.7 b/blog/001-this-server.7 @@ -0,0 +1,103 @@ +.Dd August 22, 2021 +.Dt THIS-SERVER 7 +.Os "Ben's Space" +. +.Sh NAME +.Nm this server +.Nd where the hell are we +. +.Sh DESCRIPTION +I've finally got myself a real place on The Internet! +I've got an IP address and everything. +So, all the things you need a server to do I can now do. +. +.Ss HTTP(s) +The website itself is served by OpenBSD httpd, +and everything +.Pq except /cgi-bin/* +is static. +That's right, ... +. +.Ss Stagit +.Lk +is generated using +.Xr stagit 1 . +I learnt how to do this from a number of sources: +.Bl -compact +.It +.Lk +.It +.Lk +.El +.Pp +You can also anonymously clone the repos, which is powered by +.Xr git-daemon 1 . +. +.Ss /cgi-bin/* +As mentioned above, there is some cgi going on +.Po +well, currently only +.Lk /cgi-bin/up +and whatever +.Lk /cgi-bin/a.out +is at the moment +.Pc +and I'm interested in writing more down this alleyway. +Forget LAMP, use +.Lk BCHS +. +.Ss IRC +I'm running +.Xr pounce 1 +so that I can keep connected to the one channel I'm interested in. +. +.Ss Xr catsitd 8 +To look after +.Xr pounce 1 . +. +.Ss XMPP +.Xr prosody 8 +is running, but I don't use XMPP much. yet. (at all). +What? I can put what I like on here. +. +.Ss DigitalOcean +This server is running OpenBSD, hosted on a DigitalOcean VPS. +DigitalOcean doesn't actually have OpenBSD as an option, so to install it I did the following: +.Bl -bullet +.It +Choose any operating system to begin with - it doesn't matter what; I chose FreeBSD. +.It +Turn it off, then from the droplet's control panel, go to Recovery and choose +.Qq Boot from Recovery ISO +, and reboot. +.It +Using the web-view console, select option 6 for a recovery shell. +.Pp +Now you've got the equivalent of a live usb environment. +.It +Download the OpenBSD minirootXX.fs, +.Xr dd 1 +it to the harddisk, +then reboot into it normally and follow the instructions. +.It +Easy! +.El +.Pp +If you want, you can use +.Lk "my DigitalOcean referral link" . +. +.Ss A blog? +Finally, I might now actually write a Blog, which is something I've been +wanting to do for a while. +This +.Pq first +post is written a la +.Lk +style; produced from +.Xr mdoc 7 +source available from +.Lk +\&. +.Sh AUTHORS +.An phoebos Aq Mt +.El diff --git a/blog/Makefile b/blog/Makefile @@ -0,0 +1,11 @@ +TXTS += 001-this-server.txt + +all: ${TXTS} + +.SUFFIXES: .7 .txt + +.7.txt: + mandoc -Tutf8 $< | col -bx > $@ + +clean: + rm -f ${TXTS}