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diff --git a/index.html b/index.html @@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ <a href="blog/">[Blog]</a> <a href="">[Git]</a> <a href="books/">[Books]</a> - </nav></header> + </nav></header> <h1>Hello, world</h1> <p> I am currently a physics student at uni, and my interests include: @@ -25,29 +25,27 @@ <li>Programming (currently learning C by means of writing <a href="">bad code</a> in it) <br> - - in particular, writing and using <em>simple</em> and <em>portable</em> programs - <br> - - and portable toolchains for building software (see: POSIX <code>make</code>)</li> + - in particular, writing and using <em>simple</em> and <em>portable</em> (POSIXy) programs <li>Classical Greek, especially tragedy and Old Comedy</li> - <li>Typesetting in markups like <code>*roff</code> - using tools like <code>ed</code> and <code>vi</code></li> <li>Particle physics simulation</li> <li>Classical Romantic music</li> </ul> </p> - <p> - You can email me at <code>ben [at] bvnf [dot] space</code>, and please use <a href="key.txt">this PGP key</a> for encryption. - I can be found in as <code>phoebos</code>. - <br> - Try to message me via XMPP; my JID looks like my email. - <br> - You can also <code><a href="">finger(1)</a></code> - me at the same address; or, equivalently: + + <h3>contact</h3> +<pre>email, xmpp, finger: <code>ben [at] bvnf [dot] space</code> +pgp: <a href="key.txt">key.txt</a> +irc: <code>phoebos</code> +</pre> + An equivalent way to <a href="">finger(1)</a> me is: <blockquote><code>$ printf "ben\r\n" | nc 79</code></blockquote> - </p> + + <h3>links</h3> <p> - I have recently started running a gemini server, which can be accessed <a href="gemini://">here</a>. - </p> + I put more content on my gemini server, which can be accessed <a href="gemini://">here</a>.<br> + You can also:<br> + - read some <a href="books/">books</a><br> + - download some <a href="/pub">tarballs</a>.</p> <br> <footer> The content on this site, unless otherwise specified, has been